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Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Gets Big Makeover After Being Sold for $60M

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A new proprietor is preparing the island of Little St. James, which is more commonly referred to as “Pedophile Island” by Jeffrey Epstein, for a transformation into a luxury resort.

According to the New York Post, in May billionaire co-founder of Black Diamond Capital Management Stephen Deckoff paid $60 million for it and adjacent Great St. James, which was slightly less than half of the initial asking price of $125 million.

The Post has now obtained exclusive images of the Island’s updated appearance.

The original structures appear to be substantially altered in appearance and comprised of additions rather than their original appearance.

The former blue-striped “temple” structure situated along the coast, for instance, is virtually unrecognizable in its present state.

“The temple was previously painted to make it look like it had a pair of forbidding wooden front doors with a medieval-style lock, but has now been remodeled as an outdoor patio and fire pit, and appears ready for a DJ set,” the Post reported.

Additionally, several temporary alterations were highlighted in the images, such as the addition of terrace chairs surrounding a swimming pool and the installation of two “inflatable swans.”

As of 2025, Deckoff reportedly has intentions to establish a high-end resort and hotel, in addition to “related attractions,” on the island.

However, by doing so, the billionaire is preserving the majority of the original structures by remodeling and repurposing them as opposed to demolishing and reconstructing them.

Epstein, who acquired Great St. James in 2016 for an additional $20 million, reportedly paid nearly $8 million for Little St. James in 1998. However, he never made a substantial investment in the development of the second island.

The Post reported that he constructed the main villa, a library, movie theater and bathhouse, a helipad, private dock, gas station, gym, tiki hut and guest accommodations,” on Little St. James.

This week, his sibling Mark Epstein told the Washington Post, “It was a s***ty island” when Epstein purchased the property.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“He hired a crew and said make it look like the Polynesian island. So they put palm trees in — he put in a fortune of money, but he didn’t care,” he explained. “This is what he wanted, and he turned the island into what he wanted it to be.”

Epstein told his brother that he purchased the second island largely to keep it out of the hands of people who might build something there that he didn’t like. CONTINUE READING…

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