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Jen Psaki Gets Annihilated On Fox News After Making comment About Trump

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In recent U.S. presidential history, no president has made as many mistakes or displayed as much uncertainty as current President Joe Biden. Since his 2020 inauguration, Biden’s cognitive faculties and physical health have been called into doubt. Everyone in the administration of Vice President Joe Biden has covered for the president, but they all know his condition as an 80-year-old man with these challenges.

Former President Donald Trump, on the other hand, was a dynamo during his administration, always moving and working long hours. When the epidemic emerged, Trump went the hospital at the first hint of symptoms, took every available medication, and returned to the Oval Office as soon as possible. Trump has worked, travelled the country hosting political rallies, done interviews, and played golf whenever possible since the 2020 election. No one questions if he is in command of his enterprises despite his intelligence and preparation for a second bid for the presidency.

Given the disparity between the two, it seems unlikely that a Biden fan would draw a parallel. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, however, attempted to throw doubt on the age of former President Donald Trump.

“Just throwing out there. For everyone who is arguing the reason @POTUS shouldn’t run again is because of his age…you know Donald Trump is 76 right?” the former White House Press Secretary said in a tweet the day before Trump announced he would campaign for president again

“There’s also a potential announcement tonight from President Trump. We have here a tweet from Jen Psaki regarding Biden versus Trump,” Fox News host Dana Perino said in response.

And she added,  ‘Just throwing out there for everyone who was arguing the reason POTUS shouldn’t run again is because of his age. You know, Trump is 76 right?’

“Um. I don’t know if — Everybody ages at a different rate. So that, we can maybe set that aside,” she remarked.

Not only was Psaki shut down during the interview, but her message was also harshly condemned by other Twitter users.

“Narrator: it’s not his age, that’s just the acceptable way to put it,” Joey Jones said.

“Age is just a number for Trump. For Joe Biden, age is telling,” another Twitter user said.

“Ageism is real. And wrong,” another said.

There is also the issue of diminishing health with age. Many people feel that President Joe Biden has been exhibiting indications of cognitive impairment for some time, and his recent attempts to deny these suspicions did him no favors.

Earlier this week, Biden’s journey to Bali, Indonesia for the G20 meeting generated another internet commotion. According to photographs acquired by Getty Images, Biden was once again spotted using what appear to be “cheat sheets” – instructions on what to say, when to say it, and what to do next. CONTINUE READING…

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