Jesse Waters Makes Shocking On Air Admission – Fans Stunned

In an on-air roundtable discussion during Fox News “The Five” with co-hosts and guests last week, Fox News host Jesse Watters cheerily admitted that he “deflated the car tires of a 25-year-old colleague in order to be in a position where he could offer her a ride home,” The Daily Mail reported.

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The other co-hosts covered their faces with their hands in apparent dismay as Watters, who is now 43, bragged telling the story of how, as a 39-year-old, he manipulated his now-wife into his car with the trick.

At the time, the woman who is now Watters’ wife was Emma DiGiovini, a 25-year-old associate producer at his work. Watters was married to Noelle Watters, the mother of his two daughters then, and in the process of a divorce.

“When I was trying to get Emma to date me, first thing I did, let the air out of her tires,” he said while smiling. “She couldn’t go anywhere, she needed a lift, Watters said. “I said ‘Hey, you need a lift?’ She got right into the car,” Watters boasted.

Amazingly, Watters continued with his story even after others on the panel laughed nervously and expressed disbelief at his story.

The Daily Mail reported that Watters appeared to justify the trick by stating that the pair are now married. “It was happy ending,” Watters claimed. Watters and DiViovini were married in December of 2019.

Watters also added that he was, at that moment, letting the cat out of the bag, as he admitted that his now-wife had not known about the ruse until the moment he chose to reveal himself in the public on-air forum. When answering a question about whether his now-wife knew the story, he replied, “Now she does.”

The Daily Mail reported that during the on-air admission, “Another of his colleagues then asked if he had taken the air out of other women’s cars in order to get them into his own – to which he implied that he may well have done. ‘Is that the first time you did it, or did you use that before?’ Jeannine Pirro inquired. “It works like a charm! Watters bragged.”

In 2018, when Watters and DiGiovine told bosses they were in a relationship together, she was switched to a different program on the network. A Fox News spokesperson said at the time that in 2017 Watters and ‘a woman on his staff’ told the network that they were in a relationship, the Daily Mail reported.

Watters’ comment was vaguely related to the panel discussion at that moment, as the topic was the deflating of SUV tires by environmentalists who are offended by SUVs.

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Twitter was immediately alive with comments over the clip, which has since racked up 780,000 views.

‘Jesse Watters jokes about how he courted a woman 14 years his junior. He let the air out of her tires so he could offer her a ride home. He leaves out that he was married at the time. This is some stalker nonsense. She also worked for him. It’s a Fox News love story,’ wrote one Twitter account entitled ‘Decoding Fox News’.

‘This is creepy and he look like the dude from How I Met Your Mother who did pull creepy, manipulative acts like that,’ wrote Tauriq Moosa.

‘Creepy predators like this are why my dad taught teenage me to change a tire before he let me have the keys…’ said Noelle Bivens.

‘He had to let the air out of her tires because she didn’t have a drink he could slip something into,’ suggested Bill.

‘Also this is an actual crime. So law and order is for who exactly?’ asked Akilah Hughes.

This is not the first time that this incident has been discussed on Twitter. In 2018 @Mediate tweeted “Jesse Watters Divorcing His Wife After Cheating on Her With Fellow Fox Employee.

Watters did not address the controversial moment on Monday, choosing to tweet about Tax Day instead.

The Daily News reported that “Fox News critic Juliet Jeske, whose Twitter feed @DecodingFoxNews monitors the cable channel posted a clip of Watters telling his “jokes” and said that as someone who has dealt with stalkers, she was struck by his tactics. She also called Watters’ encounter a “Fox News love story”

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Jesse Watters is a conservative political commentator who has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Watters’ World, The Five, and became the host of Jesse Watters Primetime in 2022. In 2021 he published bestseller “How I Saved The World”.

A Fox News spokesperson said at the time that Watters and ‘a woman on his staff’ told the network in 2017 that they were in a relationship, The Daily Mail reported.

Fox News has been enveloped in sexual misconduct scandals in recent years, including various allegations that led to the resignation of longtime CEO Roger Ailes in 2016.