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Jesse Watters Announces Major Life News On-Air

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Monday, Jesse Watters, a Fox News anchor, revealed that he and his wife, Emma DiGiovine, are expecting a daughter.

Watters stated on “The Five” that his wife is five months pregnant and is due in April 2023. His wife gave birth to their baby on April 2, 2021; his name is Jesse Bailey Watters Jr.

“My wife, Emma, is pregnant with a girl. So, we’re having a girl and she’s five months along which I think is halfway through,” Watters said, followed by a celebratory reaction from his fellow co-hosts. “And she looks fantastic, you can’t even tell that she’s pregnant.”

According to Market Realist, the former “Watters World” anchor had twin children from his previous marriage to Noelle Inguagiato.

“The Five” panel welcomed their colleague’s good news with clapping and a barrage of jokes from co-host Greg Gutfeld, who wondered why the couple wouldn’t let their child choose the gender.

“There’s no gender until the child decides,” Gutfeld joked.

“No, we assign the gender at birth in our family and we usually get it right,” Watters replied.

Watters said that the pair is presently battling with baby names, but disclosed that this is a “collateral effort.” Watters said that Musk gives his children “very strange” names when co-host Dana Perino suggested he allow Twitter CEO Elon Musk to name the child.

The host closed the life-altering program by accepting paternity leave recommendations from his co-hosts. According to Market Realist, after the birth of his son, the anchor took a leave of absence from “The Five” and voiced his support for paternity leave.

“I used to mock people for taking paternity, I used to think it was a big ruse, but now, ya know, I wish I could take six weeks,” he said during an April 2021 segment.

His co-hosts urged him to take six to four months of paternity leave, prompting Gutfeld to make a sarcastic demand for a “class action lawsuit” against Fox News staffers without children.

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