Jesse Watters Breaks Jaw Dropping News On Live Television

US House Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been a burden on the American taxpayer for the majority of her life, and as a dependent of the government with a political stronghold over our nation’s capital, she has benefited greatly from travel perks, luxurious accommodations, access to money players, and the ability to engage in good old-fashioned cronyism- to help her family members benefit as well.

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Due to her husband’s recent arrest for driving under the influence, we now know that no one in her circle is subject to the same legal repercussions as we, the commoners.

It must be great to be Nancy Pelosi, right?

So it is not surprising that when Nancy Pelosi’s husband was arrested for drunk driving by the California Highway Patrol at the end of May, her nephew, the Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, was able to have the charges dropped.

Some individuals are simply too well-connected to fail. They are at the top of America’s two levels of justice.

Remember that this is the man of whom Fortune reported in 2021: “The week before the House Judiciary Committee voted on reigning in big tech, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband exercised a bullish bet on Google-parent Alphabet, in a timely transaction that netted him $5.3 million.”

He is quite fortunate.

The news that the charges against Pelosi, 82, for drunk driving were inexplicably dismissed went global. Even while the left performs their Kabuki play pretending they care about children, they continue to do so.

When in fact what they care about is hiding their crimes and not paying the consequences- check out this story:

On June 6th a poster reported on Twitter: “California Highway Patrol DENIES having dashcam / body cam footage and MUGSHOT of Paul Pelosi following DUI CRASH, refuses WRITTEN REQUEST FROM FOX NEWS – then HANGS UP on network following a phone request for the same information”

Jesse Watters attributes liberal privilege as the reason Paul Pelosi‘s mugshot is still being withheld: “A member of the California royal family gets arrested by highway patrol, and then the next day all the evidence vanishes.”

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Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief on the miscarriage of justice for the American people, as covered by Fox News, Jessie Waters.

Waters reported that it was difficult to get Pelosi’s mugshot, in fact, it was impossible for Waters to get the mugshot.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was charged earlier this month with driving under the influence.

Fox News host Jesse Watters argued that he believes there’s “more to the story” and wants to know why Paul Pelosi’s “mugshot” has not been released to the public.

“We have already told you the Pelosis are about as corrupt as families can be. And now the long arm of the law has finally come down on them – but not for what you think,” Watters began, explaining how Paul Pelosi “was arrested this weekend after he blew through a stop sign and slammed his Porsche into a Jeep while Nancy was across the country.”

“First of all,” Watters wondered, “have you ever been to a dinner party without your significant other? Me neither. I think there’s more to the story.”

He went on to say that Pelosi was returning home to “the Pelosi vineyard, you know – the one valued between 5 and 25 million dollars, where they entertain all their friends and fancy Silicon Valley executives.”

“He was subsequently booked into the Napa County Detention Center for a violation of 23152(a) and 23152(b) of the vehicle code. The crash is being investigated by the Napa Area,” the CHP statement added.

The sheriff “told us the jail had to release it. And then the jail said the sheriff’s office had to release it and then one of our producers was told the city council had to release it,” Watters said, referring to Pelosi’s mugshot.

“And then we were directed to the county board of supervisors. And then when we called the vice-chair of the board, he said why would we have a mugshot?” Watters continued.

“All I know is someone’s going through a lot of trouble to keep this mugshot hidden,” he said.

Nancy Pelosi’s office responded to the news that her husband was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Northern California.

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Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s spokesperson, released a statement saying the 80-year-old California lawmaker would not be commenting on the alleged crime.

“The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast,” Hammill said in a statement.

“Paul Pelosi, 82-year-old husband of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was arrested this weekend on suspicion of DUI in Northern California, police records show,” the AP reported on May 29.

Waters said on the show that he was determined, along with a host of lawyers, to pursue getting the mugshot and also Waters said he wants access to the police cameras so he could see what happened at the time of Pelosi’s arrest.