Jesse Watters Delivers Troubling News

Fox News host Jesse Watters delivered an interesting take regarding President Joe Biden’s low approval numbers and how he will handle it going forward during a segment on “Unfiltered With Dan Bongino,” the Conservative Brief reported.

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Watters went on to make several predictions of rough economic conditions for Americans, including soaring gas prices and other costs ruining family gatherings for Independence Day, and a summer of “panic” under Biden, noting that a new survey found that Biden’s approval rating has fallen so low that he is now among the least-liked presidents in the history of the country, finding that a whopping 64% said Biden should not run for re-election in 2024, Conservative Brief continued.

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Below is a transcript of the exchange:

WATTERS: “The full wrath of Hurricane Joe really hasn’t been experienced yet by the American people. And I think this summer we will see panic in the final stage. Think about what we’re coming into, July 4. Everyone’s going to have to fill up the tank to go to the party. And that’s going to be sticker shock. And if you’re not traveling to the party, you’re going to host the party, so that means you’re going to go to the grocery store and drop a serious amount of cash. Also, you’re going to be inviting a lot of relatives over, and the relatives, especially the uncles and the grandfathers are going to have a few pops and they’re just going to unload on Joe and that’s really going to saturate the conversation. Also, kids are out of school. Now, I don’t know about you, Dan, you had to be fed during the summertime. I used to go through, like, six gallons of milk as a teenager. That’s also pricey.”

BONGINO: “Go through that now.”

WATTERS: “It’s going to be hot. That means people are going to get shot more, so the crime is going to go up. And people are going to start cranking up the air-conditioning. Once they see those AC bills at the end of the month, that’s, again, going to just wallop them. Plus, it’s going to cause brownouts. I know you’re not allowed to say brownout, that’s offensive, but it’s going to make the United States look like a third-world country. Plus, the Fed chair that Biden appointed, Powell, was late to raise the rates, which is going to trigger a recession, probably this summer. And then there’s going to be layoffs. So then people are going to say, Joe, not only do we disapprove of you, we have contempt for you. Because you’re causing pain and not alleviating it at all. Joe is going to have to act. And what I’m scared of, Dan, is he’s going to panic and go full Bernie Sanders. He’s going to lash out at industry with illegal executive actions, and just look like Occupy Wall Street because he’s not smart enough to do anything else. And that’s the only way he can keep his base.”

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BONGINO: “Well, you kind of ruined my follow-up question because you almost answered it but I’m going to ask it anyway. That’s a great point, but the way, about July 4. I wasn’t even really going down that path, but you’re right. People are going to fill up, there’s going to be the hot dogs and the burgers. If he gets totally destroyed in the midterms here coming up in November, do you think there’s even a small possibility of a Bill Clinton-like course correction? Or is this guy just completely lost, is this just like ‘it’s over, Johnny’ time?”

WATTERS: “It’s a great question. I don’t think he has the political skills to triangulate like Clinton did. Even Trump pivoted to the middle sometimes. Even Barack Obama did financially when they had to get the debt under control. Biden’s never been a talented guy. He’s always just saluted to his boss Barack and the donors, and people telling him what to do, like Hunter and his brother. They say he’s compassionate. He just likes to hug and kiss people. That’s actually creepy. That’s not compassionate. So I don’t actually think he really cares that much, Dan, about the suffering of this country. They had this thing, Amtrak Joe, I’m the man of the people. That was just the fastest way for him to get to work from Delaware. It was faster than driving. I took the train. I took the train to work for years with guys who worked on Wall Street made $10 million a year. They didn’t brag about how they were men of the people and how they were, like, blue-collar. They just had their coffee and went to work. This whole blue-collar Scranton Joe is a scam. Clinton was born in Arkansas, so what? Obama was born in Hawaii. So what? He’s always been about the money, he’s got a mansion in Delaware. He’s got a Beach House. Hunter is selling paintings for half a mil. I mean, come on, this guy is such a fraud, he doesn’t care about anybody except himself and his family.”