Jesse Watters Explodes on Fox News, Liberal Media In Trouble

Jesse Watters, the host of Fox News Jessie Waters Primetime, chimed in on Wednesday with his point of view on the Whoopi Goldberg controversy over the comments she made on her show “The View,” which surprisingly caused a backlash against the bold, radical leftist activist.

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News of the comments went viral and was the topic of trending social media content for days, with people taking sides over the appropriateness of her saying that the Holocaust was not about race but, as Whoppi noted, was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Goldberg was suspended for two weeks by ABC News executives after a growing backlash against the star, which was triggered when she said that “The Holocaust isn’t about race. No, no, it’s not about race.”

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Her fellow show hosts disagreed with her on the show, talking over each other to erase what Whoppi said. One other show host said that the Holocaust was about White Supremacy, but Whoppi relented in her beliefs.

“Can we believe what Whoppi says when she said that people in red hats are Nazis?” Waters asked.

Watters commented that Goldberg must have learned a backward perspective of the Holocaust.

“Maybe Whoopi was taught the critical race theory of the Holocaust,” he said.

The news that Whoppi could be canceled for two weeks was shocking to many on the left who wanted to cancel podcaster Joe Rogan in the same week over his audacity of hosting a show with a medical doctor who doesn’t carry the company line about the COVID shots.

Watters critiqued liberal media for rushing to her defense, even as they called for Joe Rogan to be “canceled.”

“But the left circled the wagons around Goldberg,” Waters said.

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Waters played a clip of MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, who said, “This is something that is just going to start getting ridiculous. I mean, if Whoopi Goldberg is canceled, that would be the end. I mean, that would be the end of this. All this cancel culture is getting so out-of-hand.”

Finally, the left is starting to understand that all of the schemes they create, including cancel culture, are getting out of hand. But, of course, as soon as their pettiness and theft reach them personally, they don’t like it.

“Cancel Rogan, but keep Whoopi … It’s blatantly corrupt, the legacy media is dying, losing credibility, losing audience and clinging to power by trying to censor honest and fresh voices who threaten their stake in the game and threaten their control of the conversation and flow of information,” Watters said.

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“It’s why the fake news media is trying to take out Rogan, Dan Bongino, Dave Portnoy, Tucker Carlson and other new media sensations who dare speak their mind. But it’s backfiring and making them weak. Their targets are getting stronger. Is this the end of the evil empire?”

“These developments in the media recently are good news for you. The liars are leaving, networks are teetering and hosts are making fools of themselves every damn day while Fox and others are healthy and strong.”