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Jesse Watters Stunned To Silence LIVE On TV By Guest’s Unbelievable Story

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Wednesday’s claim by a man on “Jesse Watters Primetime” that he could “summon alien orbs” astonished Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

“Well, um, it’s been happening for the last 15 years, and, you know, I ask them to come, and they come,” Chris Bledsoe told Watters. “I don’t know why, but they do.”

Three extremely credible whistleblowers shocked Congress earlier that day with testimony that seemed to confirm that aliens exist and that the U.S. government has discovered both their crashed craft and the bodies of “non-human biologics.”

Maj. David Grusch, a former Air Force intelligence officer, testified in a historic hearing before a House Oversight subcommittee that he was asked by the head of a task force investigating unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) in 2019 to “identify all Special Access Programs & Controlled Access Programs (SAPs/CAPs) we needed to satisfy our congressionally mandated mission.”

“I was informed, in the course of my official duties, of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program to which I was denied access to those additional read-ons,” Grusch stated in his opening statement.

In an extraordinary exchange with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), Grusch stated, “biologics came with some of these recoveries.”

“Were they human or non-human biologics?” Mace queried.

“Non-human,” he replied under penalty of perjury, “and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to, that are currently still on the program.”

Grusch informed Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) in a separate conversation that he has “specific knowledge” regarding “money in the budget that is supposed to go to a program but instead goes to something else.”

Grusch told Mace, I can give you a specific, cooperative, and hostile witness list of specific individuals that were in those.” This was in allusion to the purportedly black-funded UAP initiatives’ putative associates.

In light of the astonishing testimony, Bledsoe, who has evidently been investigated by the CIA and NASA and featured on the History Channel, no longer sounds so out of touch with reality.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“I just simply say a prayer,” he told Watters. “That’s all I do, and, um, and they come, as crazy as it sounds.”

“I think the government’s trying to figure out why this is happening,” he said. “They have been for quite some time.” CONTINUE READING…

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