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Jill Loses It In MSNBC Interview When Host Asked Two Very Personal Questions

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MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski questioned First Lady Dr. Jill Biden about “Trump Republicans” targeting “The Biden crime family” and the MAGA rallying cry “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Biden erupted out laughing in response.

“Let’s go Brandon!” became a trending topic after a number of attendees at the Talladega racetrack shouted “Fuck Joe Biden” during the post-race interview of race victor Brandon Brown. This was interpreted by the reporter as an expression of support for Brown.

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon!” has been substituted for the cruder version by critics of President Joe Biden.

During an exclusive interview with Brzezinski on Thursday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the first lady, Jill Biden, openly addressed the “scary” subject of her husband’s political opposition.

The First Lady dismissed the attacks with a chuckle, but she was shocked to see insurrectionists being glorified, saying it “makes me want to be in the fight even more”:

BRZEZINSKI: What do you think when you hear Trump Republicans calling you the Biden crime family or —


BRZEZINSKI: I have one congresswoman: The Biden crime family sold out America, Marjorie Taylor Greene. He’s a liar. He’s mentally incompetent.

And let’s not even talk about what “Let’s go, Brandon” means, but you have U.S. senators holding signs that say that. Biden —


BIDEN: It’s hard to realize our country, isn’t it? I mean, to look at it, what we used to have, and what the other side, the extremists have turned this country into.

I mean, we would never see things like that, say, 10 years ago.

BRZEZINSKI: This has got to be so different than any races that you and your husband have run.

BIDEN: It is, yes. Yeah.

BRZEZINSKI: A little scary?

BIDEN: It is a little scary. And I think it’s — but I — I think it’s not just for me and for Joe, but just to see what happened.

I mean, look at the insurrection that took place. I mean, it’s just so hard to believe that the United States of America witnessed an insurrection. I think Americans were just stunned by that.

BRZEZINSKI: I guess they’re being called by the front-runner, Republican front-runner, hostages. Those who were —

BIDEN: Or patriots, you know, as he — he doesn’t call them what they were, insurrectionists, dangerous extremists.

BRZEZINSKI: And you still want to be in the fight?

BIDEN: Oh, that makes me want to be in the fight even more, because we have to win. We must win. We cannot let go of our democracy.

BRZEZINSKI: And if you don’t?

BIDEN: I don’t know.


BRZEZINSKI: Can’t even think about it?

BIDEN: No, I can’t think about it, yes.

WATCH the awkward (on Jill’s part) exchange here. She’s definitely trying to hide from something…maybe just reality, but she should finesse her response to these questions a little better than she did here. The joke’s on her…she’s the joke:

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