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Jim Jordan Provides Update In Case To Impeach Biden and Mayorkas

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Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has discussed the increasing number of Republicans advocating for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and other administration officials.

According to Punchbowl News, James Comer, the Kentucky Republican who heads the House Oversight Committee, attempted to obtain FBI documents earlier this month. Comer stated that he believes the documents may shed light on allegations that Biden accepted compensation from a foreign official in exchange for using his influence on policy decisions while serving in the Obama administration as vice president.

Comer’s claim is corroborated by evidence provided by an unnamed whistleblower; on Thursday, three FBI informants testified before the Judiciary Committee.

However, Jordan stated that the party’s impeachment effort is now working “to get the facts” in response to the growing demand for it.

“You think about [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas, he certainly warrants impeachment, but that’s a decision we have to make as a conference…he said to Punchbowl News in the beginning of May, as reported by Newsweek, “And relative to the president, of course, that’s a decision that’s going to be made by the full Republican Conference and the speaker, and no one’s really focused on that now.”

Representative Tim Burchett, a member of the House Oversight Committee from Tennessee, stated in April that information provided by an IRS whistleblower requesting protection to testify could lead to Biden’s impeachment.

“This is just the very tip of the iceberg. This very brave IRS agent coming forward, I think, will just start it,” he told Fox News reporter Maria Bartiromo, “They’re talking about impeaching Biden. How could we not impeach Biden if this does, in fact, reach him?”

The speaker also discussed the letter, signed by fifty-one former intelligence officers, in which they claimed that Hunter Bien’s laptop exhibited telltale signs of Russian disinformation.

Former acting CIA director Michael Morell testified before the House Judiciary Committee that he sent the letter after speaking with the current secretary of state, Antony Blinken, because he wanted Joe Biden to win the 2020 presidential election.

“If I was [among] those 51 people, I’d be lawyering up right now because they’re going to be asked in public at some point what they knew and if they knew that all this other stuff was going on because it is very damning,” Burchett warned.

“If this cover-up shows what’s going on, that we all assume is going on, and that the 51 folks were basically lied to and showed false documentation, how can you not [impeach Biden]?” Burchett asserted. “I mean, this is just going on too much.”

“Like I said, the documentation that I’ve seen, I can’t comment on all of it. But what I can comment on is that it is bad, and it is getting worse, and it is showing illegal monies from Chinese communists flowing into this White House via Hunter Biden and his lawyers.”

“How could we not impeach Biden if this does, in fact, reach him?” he continued.

Earlier this year, Jordan described how he is directing congressional investigations into Hunter Biden, problems with school boards, Big Tech, and other significant issues.

“We’ve actually done several. I think maybe more than … I think the rest of the Congress combined,” Jordan explained, adding that he had written the “final” round of letters to former US intelligence personnel in connection with an investigation into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

The Washington Post reports that federal authorities are investigating Hunter Biden’s tax issues and international business operations.

Recent congressional testimony indicates that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) signed and ultimately approved the infamous 2020 letter alleging that the Hunter Biden laptop allegation was a Russian disinformation conspiracy.

Multiple former U.S. intelligence officials testified under oath regarding the CIA’s involvement in the dissemination of the letter, which was ultimately signed by over fifty former top U.S. intelligence officials, according to a report that will be released on Wednesday by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

“One signer of the statement, former CIA analyst David Cariens, disclosed to the Committees that a CIA employee affiliated with the agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (‘PCRB’) informed him of the existence of the statement and asked him if he would sign it,” the House report states.

“The Committees have requested additional material from the CIA, which has ignored the request to date.”

The mission of the Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) is to evaluate whether former intelligence employees’ comments, letters, and books contain classified information that must be expunged or redacted prior to publication.

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