Joe Biden Fully Exposed In Damning Leaked Voicemail

The ‘Laptop From Hell’ is commonly how the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop are known to the average American, who is just finding out the raw details about the bizarre, macabre, criminal, and horrifying deeds of Democrat Joe Biden’s son.

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And there is updated proof from leaked a leaked voice recording that helps us understand who knew of Hunter’s behavior and did nothing to stop him from committing crimes, from purchasing a firearm, from threatening women and children, all while he was in a drug-crazed meltdown and rampage.

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And remember this is the son of the POTUS who wants to take guns from the hands of law-abiding American citizens.

The American public is just finding out now about these things, because media, big tech, law enforcement and politicians colluded together to hide the details, according to Government reports.

However, with all of their power combined, they can’t hide the fact that much of the media and almost all of Washington DC, including the leaders of our intelligence communities have known about the laptop and criminal activity of the Biden family for a very long time.

They all chose to tell the American people that bad things said about Hunter’s behavior was “Russian disinformation”, but there is proof that they were all lying to us.

And what they were lying to us about is that they were permitting behavior by an elite politician’s son- all while hamstringing American families with political theater.

Sure- whether Hunter’s daddy- Joe Biden, knew or not, has been a closely guarded secret- until now.

To understand who has been smacked down already over hiding the story of this our of control lunatic with a gun- check this out:

Two Republican Senators have been on Biden’s case for some time and have released blistering rebukes, according to this April 2022 press release from the office of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

“The list of those owed an apology over the Hunter Biden affair may stretch to the moon and back. Due a position at the front of the line are the two men who first blew the lid off the Biden sleaze and endured a smearing for the ages.

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“Panicked Democrats defaulted to the scurrilous claim that the Republican senators were spreading Russian disinformation. Top Democrats—including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, and Mark Warner and Adam Schiff, the top Democrats on the House and Senate Intelligence committees—in July 2020 publicly released a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation expressing worries that Congress had become ‘the target of a concerted foreign interference campaign.’ Attached to it was classified information, which Democrats immediately leaked to the press, claiming the Grassley-Johnson probe specifically had “become a vehicle for ‘laundering’ a foreign influence campaign” to damage Mr. Biden, as Politico helpfully narrated.

“The false-flag operation hit its apex just before the report’s release, with Mr. Schumer and Oregon’s Ron Wyden calling it disinformation and introducing a resolution to block its issue. Mr. Wyden on the Senate floor called it an example of ‘the spread of Russian propaganda, and the pathway it’s following from Russian agents through the United States Senate to the American public.’ Upon the report’s release on Sept. 23, Mr. Schiff issued a statement saying: ‘the Kremlin must be very pleased.’

And now there is proof that Daddy Joe Biden knew about the reckless behavior of his child:

RadarOnline has been covering the details, in a Thursday report:

“Two days before Hunter Biden videoed himself cavorting naked with a prostitute while holding an illegally-obtained .38 caliber revolver, his father left him a harrowing voicemail message in which he told him, “I’m here, no matter what you need.”

The leaked voicemail – obtained by Radar and published below – came as the future President’s son was in the midst of a 12-day rampage of drugs, booze, prostitutes, and threats of violence against a former friend he believed was sleeping with Hallie Biden, his former sister-in-law with whom he had been having a torrid affair.”

The voice message, along with police reports and files extracted from Hunter’s laptop and iPhone and verified by, paint a lurid picture of the President’s out-of-control second son’s activities between October 11 and October 23, 2018.

“President Biden’s voicemail – plus a further 30 gigabytes of scandalous evidence – have been unlocked on a dataset that has, until now, remained password protected on the laptop that was left in a Delaware repair shop,” RadarOnline reported.

“Those files reveal that Hunter’s 12 days of madness began on October 11, 2018, when he hacked into Hallie’s cellphone and meticulously checked her call history. He and Hallie had been engaged in an affair since the death of her husband, his older brother Beau, who passed away from brain cancer in 2015.”

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In their story, RadarOnline reminds readers that Hunter Biden purchased a firearm:

“The following day, Hunter illegally bought a .38 caliber revolver from StarQuest Shooters and Survival in Wilmington, Delaware – falsifying his Firearms Transaction Report to answer “no” to the question: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

And to this date- there have been no consequences for any of this activity, and POTUS Biden knows that- yet he can with a straight face get out there and demand your guns- America.