Joe Biden Just Got DEVASTATING News About His SCOTUS Nomination

Democrat Joe Biden’s corrupt promise to only consider a Black female judge for a seat on the US Supreme Court is unconstitutional, as pointed out by numerous top sources. The purpose for making such an unjust promise is likely designed to do damage to as many people as possible while Biden continues his campaign of managed decline over the people he has sworn to protect.

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While the country has adopted some affirmative action concepts for specific public policies, Biden’s statement, on its face, is illegal in the United States. Nevertheless, there is good reason to be concerned about his actions for how they will impact future cases in front of the highest court in the country.

Jonathan Turley, a notable liberal legal scholar, points this fact out in his latest column on Biden’s statement about race and gender:

“Mr. Biden is now going to create one of the more jarring and incongruous moments in the history of the Supreme Court. This fall, in the Harvard and University of North Carolina cases, the justices will hear arguments that the use of race in admissions is unlawful discrimination. One of them will have gained her seat in part through exclusionary criteria of race and sex.”

So Biden is changing the authenticity of rulings, and this should be investigated more thoroughly, no matter how much the Democrats love to virtue signal on race and gender. Turley explains:

“.. this type of exclusionary rule has been found unconstitutional or unlawful in schools or businesses. While there may be legitimate points of distinction with a Court appointment, there is little discussion of why we should use a threshold exclusionary rule for admission to the highest court that the Court would not allow in any admission to a school or business. “

Turley writes about what appears to be Biden stirring the pot, using race and gender as a trigger to bring attention to himself and inflame people who had been disqualified based on race and gender.

“My point was that Biden’s pledge was entirely unnecessary since he could have stated that he wanted to appoint a black female without barring consideration of other candidates on the basis of their race or gender. It is the difference between a preferential and exclusionary process.”

Conservative Brief reported on other notable legal minds who chimed in on the disservice by Biden and the Democrats over Biden’s dream criteria:

“Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Sunday that President Joe Biden’s decision to limit candidates to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer only to a black woman may actually be unconstitutional.

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“I think it may be unconstitutional. If he had said he was going to appoint the first… Muslim to the court, that would be unconstitutional,” Dershowitz told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

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“As the Constitution, Article 6 specifically provides that no religious test should ever be required. I think the 14th and 19th Amendments also extend that to no racial or gender tests,” Dershowitz added.