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Joe Biden was the chairman of the board’ involved in Hunter’s foreign deals White House spent $250K to deflect stories on son

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Let the inquiries commence! Republicans conducted a large news conference the day following their ascension to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives to elaborate on the complexities of the Biden criminal family’s global influence.

Republican leaders assert that Democrat President Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s dubious overseas business agreements, which supposedly span 50 nations, demonstrating a significant conflict of interest; thus, things are going to become extremely interesting for Democrats.

Joe Biden has consistently denied involvement and knowledge of his son’s overseas transactions, which have been investigated for years.

Rep. James Comer, in a harsh rebuke, accused President Biden of being ‘chairman of the board’ of his family’s business operations and said the White House spent more than $250,000 in government cash to deflect bad news about Hunter’s odd behavior and corruption.

‘This is an investigation of Joe Biden,’ he said. ‘I think we’ve laid out the evidence as to why we feel it’s important, and we’re going to move forward with that.’

Later, Comer stated,‘We’re trying to stay focused on – was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised?’ ‘ Adding that he would even welcome members of the Biden family to appear before the House if requested, but that the primary objective of their investigation at the moment is to get bank data.

Obviously, this will terrify the Democrats, but the Republicans are now in charge.

As part of our investigation, we have proof that Hunter and Joe Biden’s funds, credit cards, and bank accounts were combined or merged. Comer remarked.

Eric Schwerin, one of Hunter’s closest allies, accessed Joe Biden’s funds and wrote cheques to compensate Hunter.

The Daily Mail reported on the newest developments:

Hunter Biden’s business dealings are the subject of the House GOP’s first announced investigation of the party’s new majority in Congress’ lower chamber.

“At least one of those red flags, known as ‘SARs,’ allegedly ‘connects Hunter Biden and his business associates to international human trafficking, among other illegal activities,’ Comer said.

‘We have repeatedly called on the Biden Treasury Department to release additional financial documents to committee Republicans, but thus far Treasury has refused,’ the lawmaker said. ‘We want to know what the Biden administration has tried to hide from the American people and why they are not being transparent.’

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Hunter ally Schwerin was reportedly head of the president’s son’s company and handed the majority of his finances – and appointed to a position within the Obama administration, when Joe Biden was vice president. CONTINUE READING…

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