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Joe Biden’s Campaign Makes Unexpected 2024 Announcement Amid Trump Indictment

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As former President Donald Trump defends himself against accusations from the left, current President Joseph Biden is struggling in the polls.

Recent surveys indicate a further decline in American faith in the Biden administration, even as the 2024 election approaches and the Democrat’s zeal to blame everything and everything on President Trump is clear.

Fox News reported on Monday that a March survey revealed a decline in President Biden’s popularity rating as citizens of the nation’s capital graded his performance.

“If there was one lower than F, we’d aim for that,” Brandy, from Ohio, told Fox News. “I think we’re being mismanaged to a severe degree.”

“He represents himself as a puppet,” Brandy added. “Knowing that other countries are seeing that that’s whose been elected to represent us to the world is disheartening because it’s making us look weak.”

According to a study conducted by the Associated Press/NORC Center on March 23, President Biden’s approval rating has decreased from 45% to 38%. This is a decrease from his previous record low of 36 percent in July 2021, which was precipitated by a 40-year inflation spike.

“As a country, we’re just getting farther in debt, and he’s just not helping out the situation,” Kevin, also from Ohio, told Fox News as he gave the president an F. “Everything he touches goes wrong,” Bill from Tennessee said. He gave Biden an F. Emily, from Alabama, gave Biden a D-plus grade, the outlet reported.

Yet the poor ratings do not appear to prevent Biden from running for president again in 2024. Insiders are now confirming his plans. According to Axios, which cited sources close to the president, Biden will delay his announcement until at least June or maybe later this fall. “There’s no mechanism pushing Biden to announce his re-election campaign soon. And there’s no sign he will,” Axios reported.

“Biden’s waiting game has left many ambitious Democrats and would-be staffers with their 2024 plans on hold. They initially thought Biden would launch a campaign soon after the Christmas break, after talking with his family,” the outlet reported.

A source close to the White House told Axios that waiting has “advantages,” such as allowing Biden to contrast his leadership style “with the chaos in the Republican Party,” though it’s unclear what GOP chaos the source refers to — unless it’s the legal issues surrounding former President Donald Trump, who formally declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in November and is the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

“No Republican candidate or potential candidate will affect our timing,” a Biden advisor told the publication, which also said that Biden’s campaign is not fully formed and has yet to hire a campaign manager, finance chairman, and other senior jobs.

“There’s no indication Biden has changed his mind about running for re-election,” the outlet’s report continued. “But if he ultimately chooses to bow out, the late decision could provide an advantage to Vice President Kamala Harris if she wanted to run for president — and it could foreclose options for other Democrats.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Biden is also looking at legal problems in the future thanks to the Democrat-led indictment of former President Donald Trump, according to several people, Conservative Brief reports. CONTINUE READING…

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