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John Kennedy Has an Excellent Idea for What to Do With Joe Biden’s Gut-Busting Budget

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Joe Biden issued a new budget yesterday, and it’s really gut-busting. At a staggering sum of $6.9 trillion, this would be the most costly budget in American history, and by a wide margin. It is so poor that it makes Barack Obama appear to be a conservative.

Fortunately, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), who is renowned for his dry sense of humor, has the ideal remedy.

Hammer, meet nail. Both from a budgetary rationality and a policy viewpoint, Biden’s budget proposal would be a calamity. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently pointed out that the proposed budget of the president cites equality 63 times but climate 148 times. In other words, it is a radical progressive extravaganza designed to reorganize the entire nation in accordance with left-wing principles. Does it seem like a good moment to reshape the nation in the image of racial hustlers and socialists, given all the problems the nation is experiencing?

Of course, there is also the enormous financial element to consider. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, which inflated expenditure under the pretext of giving emergency relief, the United States spent around $5 trillion annually. Even at this reduced level, annual deficits remained at or near $1 trillion. Under Biden’s plan, all further improvements in tax income would be fully consumed, and annual deficits would linger around $1.5 trillion for the next decade.

Even if they are unwilling to reduce expenditure, elected authorities should at least apply the brakes, since this cannot continue indefinitely. Biden, meanwhile, is prepared to continue increasing expenditure levels until we are all down to eating beans and using leaves as toilet paper. Also, the short-term impacts are awful. The inflation rate, which has already skyrocketed under the present government, will be pushed even higher by these expenditures. How does $10 for a dozen eggs sound to you?

This is my last thinking. There is something particularly pernicious about having an elderly president who knows he won’t live 10 more years and is spending the rest of us and future generations into extinction. So much for the empathy that the news thinks Biden possesses. This is one reason why we should seek to have as few persons above the age of 75 as feasible in government. There is little motivation to do the right thing if you will not be around to experience the repercussions.

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