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Journalist Makes Scary Discovery After Following Creek From East Palestine To Ohio River

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More than three weeks after a Norfolk Southern train derailed in the Ohio village of East Palestine and released dangerous chemicals into the environment, the government has changed its stance on the gravity of the problem. Because to social media posts, the horrific image of the environmental disaster’s lingering effects is becoming more apparent.

To prevent an explosion, the poisonous cargo in the 50 derailed railway cars was set on fire, but chemicals, chemical mixtures, and the fumes of the burned chemicals were discharged into the air and a nearby water supply. Although residents were advised to evacuate the area during the fire, they were subsequently assured it was “safe” to return to their houses and that the air and water were no longer hazardous.

Nevertheless, locals began uploading images of sick domestic animals, dead animals, water with rainbow effects, and water itself on fire. Similar incidences of afflicted wildlife have been observed, with an estimated death toll of 43,000 animals. People have also filmed recordings of their own health issues, and hazardous air experts have observed parallels to the “safe” air declared by FEMA in Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. It has been determined that dust from the fall of the structures causes disease and cancer in individuals who inhale it.

While locals and people in the surrounding regions are skeptical of official assurances of “safety” and are observing differently with their own eyes, some are conducting their own investigations and publicizing the results on social media. One reporter chose to track the flow of the creek where the leak occurred in order to see if the toxins have moved to neighboring waterways.

Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice News filmed his examination of the stream as he followed it. Western Journal said that the footage was captured around 15 miles downstream from East Palestine and just north of where Little Beaver Creek flows south into the Ohio River near Midland, Pennsylvania.

Bergquam remarked that he did not observe any chemical evidence in the water, but what he did uncover is shocking. Bergquam discovered three deceased deer within yards of Little Beaver Creek and within yards of each other, for reasons he could not explain. According to him, the animals exhibited no symptoms of physical stress and had been left alone by other species.

Bergquam said, “Three dead deer within 50 yards of each other.” The reporter saw that none of the animals’ eyes or other sensitive tissue had been harmed by scavengers. It is obviously unknown how long the deer had been there.

Bergquam, shocked by the discovery of the dead animals on the water route, questioned, “Why am I the only one here?” Bergquam concluded that he did not like to guess as to whether the deer he observed were poisoned by chemicals that are being dumped into the Ohio River, which flows hundreds of miles downstream through metropolitan areas, including Cincinnati.  “What is scary, and I can’t say for sure if this is connected or if it’s just a coincidence, but it’s a very odd coincidence,” he added. Western Journal said that there is now no way to determine if the animals spotted by Bergquam killed as a result of the railway crash or if the public should be concerned.

In response to his comments, it would appear that the air and water routes should be explored to determine the reach of dangerous substances in the environment and whether or not action is required.

But rather investigate as the reporter did, government officials have stated no chemicals related to the derailment have been found in the Ohio River at levels that should concern anyone. Water officials in Cincinnati did announce last week they would stop taking in water from the river and use reserves out of “an abundance of caution.”

Residents and others impacted have little faith in the government’s reaction to the environmental disaster in East Palestine because of Bergquam’s findings and government pronouncements. Residents and employees in the vicinity have every cause to be on high alert and to evaluate anything they are told with skepticism in light of this information. Social media has provided more accurate and pertinent information than the EPA, FEMA, and political leaders.

Former President Trump made his first significant visit to the region last week. Trump brought tens of thousands of bottles of water, tens of thousands of cans of food, and tens of thousands of litres of cleaning products for distribution to those affected by the tragedy. He pledged to maintain pressure on the government to assist communities, and then purchased McDonald’s dinners for all East Palestine first responders.

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