Joy Reid’s MSNBC Show Plummets to Rock Bottom – Hits Lowest-Rated Month Ever

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has an alarming history of controversial and often bizarre or hateful remarks. We are finally seeing her audience begin to evaporate as the show hits rock bottom.

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The show’s rating plummeted to its lowest-rated month ever with just 1.1 million viewers on average. This was a 31% decline from April of last year.

April was also packed with constant news, including the contentious Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. The race-obsessed MSNBC host struggled to attract viewers.

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In multiple recent instances, Reid compares today’s Republicans with past segregationists, the Dixiecrats. She argued Republicans are racist for opposing Joe Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

She also accused U.S. Senator Tim Scott of being “dogged walk” by another Senator, Lindsey Graham, and embracing his “barking-dog racism” by opposing Biden’s nominee Judge Jackson. In response, Scott slammed Reid by saying she believes “a Black man cannot think for himself,” adding that her comments are “vile” and “offensive.”

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Reid suggested the international response to the conflict would be less significant if the country under attack was not “White” and “largely Christian.”

On social media, Reid has published disturbing comments that falsely claim Republicans are “pro-rape” and “pro-child marriage party.”

She once said that “Republicans vote like al Qaeda fights: with a patient, long-term goal of seizing power and forcing the libertine culture to heel under the boot; no matter how many elections it takes.”

In another racially-charged theory, the left-wing host claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse and Justice Brett Kavanaugh benefited from “male White tears” and a belief that “people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word.”

While on air, she referred to African American sitting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence.”

Reid claimed Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of charges because the jury’s decision was rooted in the days of “slave catchers.”

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In defense of teaching critical race theory to children, Reid claimed that parents being concerned about “education” at school board meetings across the country was really just “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.’”

The list of hateful and racially-charged remarks goes on and on.

Rumors began circulating a few months ago that the radical left-wing host might be losing her show following low ratings, but this hasn’t occurred to date.

Sources from Comcast claimed that she was losing her show, according to Jon Nicosia, formerly of Mediaite and The Washington Examiner.

“Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC,” the source at Comcast told Nicosia. “She does not have a show come mid Spring,” Nicosia wrote at the time, adding that the “decision has been made.”

“The only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings,” the source said. Reid recently faced criticism for claiming “white so-called Christian conservatives” are “selfish” people who “feel like this country was built by them for them. So everyone but them needs to suck it up and let them have their way or else,” Reid said.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld responded, “There goes a third of my material. First chris cuomo, now joy reid…. if i lose don lemon, i may have to report on actual stories!!” Gutfeld joked.

Reid absurdly suggested that Elon Musk has a secret plan to revive South African apartheid using Twitter. This ridiculous claim is based only on her own anti-white phobia and the fact that the Tesla/SpaceX CEO is from South Africa.

“Elon Musk, I guess he, you know, he misses the old South Africa in the 80s. He wants, he wants that back,” she said.

Here’s a look at the responses to Reid’s ratings:

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