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Judge Issues New Warning To Trump In E. Jean Carroll Case

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The judge presiding over the civil rape lawsuit involving E. Jean Carroll in which Donald Trump is accused of defamation was not charmed by the former president’s social media behavior and reprimanded him for being “entirely inappropriate.”

The journalist and columnist Carroll began testifying in a Manhattan courtroom on Wednesday, but Trump was not required to be present. Instead, he used his social media platform, Truth Social, to respond to the allegations made against him. This did not sit well with Carroll, whose lawyer read Trump’s statements in court.

They got caught lying! The Miss Bergdorf Goodman case is financed by a big political donor that they tried to hide. Does anybody believe that I would take a then almost 60 year old woman that I didn’t know, from the front door of a very crowded department store, (with me being very well known, to put it mildly!), into a tiny dressing room, and …. her. She didn’t scream? There are no witnesses? Nobody saw this? She never made a police complaint? If I was seen there with a woman-BIG PRESS. SCAM!

Carroll was accused of framing him with “the old Monica Lewinsky stuff” in a subsequent post.

The E. Jean Carroll case, Ms. Bergdorf Goodman, is a made up SCAM. Her lawyer is a political operative, financed by a big political donor that they said didn’t exist, only to get caught lying about that. Just look at her CNN interview before & after the commercial break – Like a different person. She said there was a dress, using the ol’ Monica Lewinsky “stuff”, then she didn’t want to produce it. The dress should be allowed to be part of the case. This is a fraudulent & false story–Witch Hunt!

Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, informed Judge Lewis Kaplan that he would “try 
to address” the public comments made about the case “with my client.”

“Well, I hope you’re more successful,” Judge Kaplan responded. He continued that Trump “may or may not be tampering with a new source of potential liability. … And I think you know what I mean.”

On the first day of the trial, the judge instructed Tacopina to investigate as to whether or not his client would be testifying or attending court so that he could offer his opinion under oath.

At his arraignment earlier this month in connection with the Stormy Daniels hush money business fraud case, Trump was warned about his social media posts.

Carroll alleges Trump of committing a sexual assault on her in the Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in 1996, and she is suing him for slander. She stated during her court testimony on Wednesday that she could “still feel” the pain from the alleged assault.

“I always think back to why I walked in there to get myself in that situation,” Carroll told jurors in emotional testimony on day two of the trial. “I know people have been through a lot worse than this, but it left me unable to ever have a romantic life again.”

According to court documents, during his deposition, Trump scoffed at the absurdity of using a social media post as a point of contention.

“It’s ridiculous to think an incident like that could happen in a department store,” he said. “So I say that sometimes to people. And I say can you imagine this? The concept of this? And it’s me. I — you know, a very famous person. It’s a disgrace. Frankly it’s a disgrace that something like that can be brought.”

The judge estimates that the trial will last between five and ten days.

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