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Judge Judy to Make Big New Hampshire Appearance for Trump’s GOP Rival

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Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is riding the coattails of the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary in the hopes that a reality television personality will lend support to her campaign.

According to Deadline, Judge Judy Sheindlin, who portrays Judge Judy on television, will attend a rally with Haley on Sunday in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Sheindlin, who has remained averse to political endorsements with the exception of supporting former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg for president in 2020, is making this atypical of her political activism.

The Real Clear Politics poll average for the Tuesday Republican primary in New Hampshire ranks former President Donald Trump at 50.3%, Haley at 35.3%, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 6.3%. The average rating of the race as reported by the website FiveThirtyEight is marginally closer: Trump 48.9 percent, Haley 34.2 percent, and DeSantis 5.2 percent.

Sheindlin offered her support for Haley in an Op-Ed in the Daily Mail.

“Nikki Haley is the only candidate in the 2024 race with true executive gravitas,” she wrote, saying Trump is not what the nation needs.

“As for Joe Biden, I’ve never seen greatness or anything close to it in his 53-year political career,” she wrote.

“Just consider the last three years. He’s actively encouraged illegal immigration — leaving states, cities, and towns in chaos and on the brink of financial disaster. We need strong national leadership to bring this nightmare to an end. At home, Americans are struggling with punishing inflation, a housing crisis, and a palpable fear that our best days as a nation are behind us,” she wrote.

“Abroad, we’re embroiled in horrific military conflicts that we could and should have prevented. Do you really believe Biden has the focus and drive to solve any of these problems? He created them in the first place!” she wrote.

Sheindlin said Haley has experience and competence.

“Neither Biden nor Trump would know a Houthi from a salami unless someone whispered in their ear or spelled it out for them on a teleprompter. We need a president like Haley who knows what’s happening — because that’s essential to knowing how to respond,” she wrote.

Sheindlin addressed the issue of age. At 51, she is younger than either Trump, who is 77, or Biden, who is 81.

“Let’s be honest here: I am 81 years old, and I run a successful business. I am considered the matriarch of a family of twenty. I work out every day and have an active social life. Do I have strong opinions about the world we live in? You bet I do. But I would never have the chutzpah to tell you that I have the same stamina I had a decade ago, and surely not two decades ago. There’s plenty you can do in your 80s. Being President isn’t on the list,” she wrote.

“So don’t let Trump and Biden fool you. Neither of these men are up to the job and its relentless demands. Neither has the energy — let alone the vision — to bring us together and end the political wars that have torn us apart,” she wrote.

According to CBS, Trump unveiled a significant endorsement from Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina on Friday.

“We need Donald Trump,” Scott said at an event in which he appeared with Trump “We need a president who will unite our country.

“We need a president who understands the American people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We need a president our foreign emissaries are afraid of and our allies respect,” Scott said.

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