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Judge Makes Massive Ruling on Epstein Client List

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Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex abuser and financier, was discovered hanging by his neck in a jail cell more than four years ago. His girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking just about two years ago. To date, not every court document associated with the various cases has been made public.

A federal judge has issued a new ruling stating that, at the very least, some court-sealed information will be made public shortly after the start of the new year.

A five-year legal dispute over the names of approximately 150 “recruiters, associates, and ‘affiliates'” of Epstein and Maxwell will come to an end with the release of their identities, as reported by the Miami Herald.

However, one should not anticipate numerous initial revelations. The majority of the names have already been made public, according to the Herald.

The publication stated on Wednesday, “Most of the names set to be revealed are people associated with Epstein who are already publicly known, and it’s unclear whether the documents contain any new details about Epstein’s associations.”

On Monday, senior U.S. district judge Loretta Preska issued the order disclosing the names; however, the actual release was postponed for a period of two weeks to permit the individuals on the list to file an appeal regarding the release of their names.

Thus far, a number of individuals’ identities have been designated for withholding. The judge referred to two of them as “classic outsiders” who had little to do with the matter at hand. A reporter had previously made an error in identifying the third individual in a photograph.

Another individual testified in court that if her identity were to be revealed, she would be in peril in “her home country”; the Herald reportedly increased its efforts to obtain her name.

The Herald has been requesting the disclosure of all three names, and its attorney, Christine Walz, stated that there was no valid reason not to do so.

“We are pleased that the court has decided to unseal information about more than 150 individuals,” Walz said. “Epstein and Maxwell’s abuses were shielded for far too long.

“The court concluded that three individuals who were ‘peripheral’ to the matter would remain sealed. We are evaluating that decision and continue to believe that all of the court files should be released,” she added, perhaps suggesting the possibility of an appeal to get the remaining three names.

Thirteen people “fought unsuccessfully” to avoid being included on the list, as reported by the outlet. However, it appears that no one else did, suggesting that the majority of them are already recognized as associates of Epstein, Maxwell, or both.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The lawsuit has been ongoing since 2018, and Judge Preska has released “thousands” of pages during that time, but with many redactions. The paper expects this next release to have “limited redactions — and thus possibly [to] fill in some of the lingering questions about who helped Epstein.”

“Among those who tried unsuccessfully to keep their names redacted is Leslie Wexner, the former CEO of the Limited and Victoria’s Secret,” the Herald reported. CONTINUE READING…

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