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Judge Smacks Down Ivanka Trump With Brutal Ruling

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An appeals court was unconvinced that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump, would impose an undue burden with her testimony during her father’s fraud trial.

A ruling was recently issued by Judge Arthur Engoron, the presiding judge in the ongoing trial concerning a fraud case that was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James. This ruling requires Ivanka Trump, the former First Daughter, to be physically present in order to provide testimony. The previously announced date for Ivanka’s momentous occasion, which was to occur this week, has been rescheduled for the Wednesday that follows. Earlier this week, erstwhile co-first sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump provided testimony.

By filing a motion for a stay with the New York Court of Appeals on Thursday, Ivanka Trump attempted to evade the requirement to testify. “If a stay is denied and Ms. Trump, who resides in Florida with her three minor children, is forced to testify at trial in New York during the middle of the school week in a case from which she has already been dismissed, prior to the hearing of her appeal, she will endure undue hardship,” her attorney argued.

As CNBC reported, Attorney General James responded in a legal document.

“Ms. Trump’s arguments are based on the false premise that witnesses with relevant, firsthand knowledge may be called to testify only if they are ‘a primary actor’ in the case,” James told the appeals court.

James said that Ivanka Trump “has firsthand knowledge of issues that are central to the ongoing trial, and staying her testimony may well serve to delay the fair and orderly resolution of a trial that has now been proceeding for over almost a month, in which OAG is nearing completion of its case in chief.”

James went on: “Ms. Trump’s mere need to attend trial for a single day to testify truthfully is not itself a serious harm that warrants emergency relief.”

The accommodation request was rejected on Thursday evening. The underlying allure continues to endure.

At present, Trump is confronted with a considerable array of obligations, as he actively engages in preparations for his potential 2024 presidential candidacy and manages four pending legal matters.

Nevertheless, a recurring theme that occupies his attention and causes him concern during press conferences and election-related engagements is the uncertain location of Melania Trump at the moment.

As per the findings of SheKnows, it is conceivable that Trump maintains the view that he and his spouse have sufficiently responded to this inquiry.

Nevertheless, unidentified sources of information indicate that his personnel are becoming progressively more apprehensive regarding the prolonged tenure of her absence.

Despite being considered antiquated, the inclusion of one’s spouse during an election continues to be an essential element on the campaign checklist and has a substantial impact on voters’ perceptions.

Melania demonstrated a significant avoidance of public appearances during her first term in office. It is conceivable that supporters of Trump would indicate a preference for a reduced but more frequent presence of hers.

“The reports were that she was angry, and she wanted nothing more to do with politics… and nothing more to do with campaigning. She wanted out and wanted to be a private person with her son,” according to Ron Filipkowski, a leftist writer for MeidasTouchNetwork, during a recent livestream on Newsweek, who went on, “And I absolutely believe that is the case.”

Melania has not been to any of her spouse’s legal procedures and, to a large extent, has been absent from the campaign trail as well. According to Filipkowski, “Trump and Trump’s campaign people fully understand, that’s going to be a big problem that if she doesn’t at least get out there a little bit and show her support, it’s going to look bad.”

Paradoxically, a query was directed towards Donald Trump in the New York City courtroom regarding Melania Trump’s stance on the subject. Considering the widely publicized fact that the two individuals in question had been silent for several weeks, the response is exceedingly entertaining.

Individuals who hold the viewpoint that Donald Trump should not be re-elected president find the possibility of such a result to be favorable.

Melania made her most recent public appearance in April at a dinner hosted by Mar-a-Lago. Additionally, during the month of May, she appeared in a succinct interview on Fox News. To conclude, that fully encompasses the subject matter.

As per the analysis of public relations professional Jane Owen, Melania Trump’s choice to disassociate herself from the controversy pertaining to her spouse, Donald Trump, is a judicious one.

According to Owen who was interviewed by Newsweek, “The less she comments or is seen to be supportive or unsupportive, the more room she has to maneuver. If things go badly for Trump, she can remain relatively unscathed and come out with enough remaining star power to command a healthy fee for appearances or endorsements, should she want to go down that road.”

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