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Judge Snaps on Trump’s Attorney as Former President Tells Him ‘I Know You Have Your Agenda’

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Following the judge’s clemency and permission for former President Donald Trump to speak on Thursday in his civil fraud trial, Judge Arthur Engoron was confronted with a series of salient remarks.

Earlier, Engoron had declared that he would not permit Trump to speak on the day designated for closing arguments in the case. Trump, his sons, and the enterprises and properties they administer are charged with manipulating the value of the aforementioned entities by New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

The New York Post reports that on Thursday, however, after Trump’s attorneys presented their closing arguments, Engoron granted the president five minutes to speak.

“I did nothing wrong. They should pay me for what we’ve had to go through,” he said.

At one point in his comments, Trump murmured to Engoron, “I know you have your agenda.”

“Mr. Kise, please control your client,” Engoron said, speaking to Christopher Kise, one of Trump’s attorneys.

Trump’s speech began after a warning from the judge.

“If I let you speak, do you promise to just stick to the law and the facts?” Engoron asked Trump, according to the New York Post.

“This case goes outside of just the facts,” Trump said in opening his remarks. “The facts are that the financial statements were perfect, the banks were as happy as can be.”

“This is not a consumer fraud. What happened here, sir, is a fraud on me,” he said.

“We have a situation where I’m an innocent man,” Trump said. “I’ve been persecuted.”

Trump also called the trial a “political witch hunt.”

At one point, Engoron raised his phone and instructed Trump, “One minute,” implying that Trump should conclude the conversation.

“You can’t listen for more than one minute?” The New York Times quoted Trump as saying.

Trump later held an informal news conference at which he said James has “serious Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

During the session, he said President Joe Biden can’t “string two sentences together.”

According to The Post, James was the primary focus of his attention during the press conference.

“This is just an attorney general who hates Donald Trump,” he said.

“This is an out-of-control attorney general. She’s totally out of control,” Trump said. “These loans were all good. The banks were extremely happy with me. They still are.”

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