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Judge Tosses Trump Ballot Eligibility Challenge After Saying Plaintiff ‘Manufactured’ Standing

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On Monday, a judge dismissed an attempt to prevent former President Donald Trump from being included on the presidential ballot in Nevada, determining that the lawsuit was a fabrication designed to generate political theatre.

U.S. District Court Judge Gloria M. Navarro dismissed John Anthony Castro’s lawsuit without engaging in a substantive examination of his contention that Trump’s inclusion on the ballot is prohibited under the Fourteenth Amendment. Newsweek reports that Navarro was appointed by former President Barack Obama.

“This is a politically charged question of significant interest to the American public,” the ruling said, adding that, however, “the Court finds that Castro lacks standing, and the Court therefore lacks jurisdiction to hear this case.”

The ruling said Castro claims he would be damaged by Trump’s candidacy because he will be appearing on Nevada’s primary ballot, adding “the Court finds that Castro lacks standing, and the Court therefore lacks jurisdiction to hear this case.”

“In rejecting his political competitor standing argument, courts have found that Castro improperly manufactured his standing merely to file this lawsuit,” the ruling said.

The ruling quoted from a New Hampshire ruling against Castro that said, “evidence indicates that Castro is creating his own injury in order to manufacture standing to challenge Trump’s eligibility to run for president. Indeed, by his own admission, Castro declared as a candidate and paid the filing fee to show the impermissibility of Trump’s presidency.”

The ruling noted that, “In an Associated Press article that Castro invited the courts to consider, Castro is quoted as stating, ‘I’m not going to lie and pretend my candidacy is anything more than trying to enforce the United States Constitution, and that’s what I’m here to do.’”

The ruling stated that the two candidates are not even competing, as Trump is running in a GOP caucus and not the primary, whereas Castro is running in the Nevada Republican Party’s primary.

“Because Castro does not have standing to challenge Trump’s eligibility to run for president, the Court does not have jurisdiction to rule on the merits of this case,” the ruling said.

Trump campaign representative Steven Cheung said that “dismissal of another bogus, bad-faith, Crooked Joe Biden-engineered attempt to deprive Americans as a whole, and the voters of Nevada specifically, of their right to vote for the candidate of their choice is not only a victory for President Trump, but a victory for all Americans and the people of Nevada,” according to Fox News.

“President Trump remains undefeated in federal court against these cynical efforts to interfere in the 2024 election. Courts in eleven states have now dismissed similar, pathetic, 14th Amendment ballot cases,” Cheung said.

“Make no mistake, each and every one of these ‘ballot-challenges’ are blatant attempts to steal the election for Crooked Joe Biden and disenfranchise over 100 million American voters,” he said.

“President Trump is the leading candidate for not only the Republican primary, but the general election and his opponents are desperate. Rest assured that he will fight each and every one of these disgraceful attacks on American democracy, he will win, and we will all Make America Great Again,” he said.

The Colorado Supreme Court removed Trump from the ballot on the basis of the Fourteenth Amendment last month. Since then, Trump has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of the United States.

On February 8, the court will hear arguments regarding the case.

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