Jurors in Sarah Palin Trial Received Shocking Text Message

On February 14, a federal judge in Sarah Palin‘s libel trial against The New York Times told the media that he would dismiss the former Alaskan Governner’s case about a 2017 editorial that linked Palin to a deadly shooting. The move seemed quite corrupt. Now we are learning the judge knew his action confused the jury.

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“These jurors reported that although they had been assiduously adhering to the Court’s instruction to avoid media coverage of the trial, they had involuntarily received ‘push notifications’ on their smartphones that contained the bottom-line of the ruling,” Rakoff wrote in a Wednesday order.

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Isn’t that curious?

Political watchers know that the way Palin was treated this week is nothing new for the original firebrand Populist Patriot.

Sarah Palin’s journey in American politics is a primer for understanding how the Marxist left uses their media alliance to both create an illusion of populist interest in someone or something- and to create the punishing consequences of not towing the establishment “company line”.

That is what happened here- check this out.

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff of the Southern District of New York announced outside the courthouse on Monday that he planned to throw away the case regardless of the jury’s decision.

The judge, an appointee of former President Bill Clinton, said Palin’s team failed to adequately prove the Times had defamed her because he felt that she had not met the burden of proof for a public person- saying the media outlet did not show any malice. He announced that before even allowing the full trial process to finish since the jury was still deliberating at the time he made the announcement.

Multiple legal experts raised concerns about the judge’s decision to announce his intentions.

According to one of Rakoff’s law clerks, Politico reported that the jurors had received push notifications on their phones when Rakoff announced his plans to dismiss the case on Monday, most likely tainting their thought process and decision-making process.

On Tuesday the jury sided with the judge.

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In a confusing filing, Rakoff admitted people felt his action “raised the prospect that jurors would learn of his decision and that it might prompt them to side with the Times regardless of their view of the evidence.”

Rakoff then dismissed these accusations against him, in an affront to Palin’s civil liberties.

And that isn’t anything new.

In 2009, George Hawkins wrote about the mistreatment of Palin at the hands of media- for desert.com:

“Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air in the sewer that is national politics. We sicced the media on her. While they sifted her garbage, looked under her bed, peeked in her windows, and made up lies, we stood by rubbing our hands with glee.

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I don’t think Palin will be back. She knows now that we don’t want an honest, capable leader. We’d rather search the big-city gutters for someone to lead us gently into bondage.”

Rakoff showed no remorse at all about what happened and what he caused.

“I’m disappointed that the jurors even got these messages if they did,” he told the media on Thursday. “I continue to think it was the right way to handle things.”