JUST IN: Judge Rules In Bannon’s Case

The left looks like a never-ending stream of Wile E Coyote chasing after the elusive Road Runner while they are trying to chase down Steve Bannon.

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What is most interesting is that while Bannon both deflects the attacks, he also helps get out the vote in a land far away called the Rio Grande Valley- orchestrating a massive Populist movement that is threatening the power structure of the ‘Wile E’ left.

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It is simply ridiculous to watch opponents go after Bannon anymore. Counting the left’s losses grows tiresome. At some point, everyone realizes that Coyote is using failed recycled ideas and that the Road Runner has an active brain and can’t stop creating new avenues to thwart the old jackal. They are totally mismatched opponents.

Watching Bannon can often be like a Symphony playing Ravel’s Bolero; one never knows how many layers of information he is going to weave together before he is done. Following Bannon’s train of thought is a fun ride. His fans are never bored.

Just like yesterday when Bannon showed up at the courthouse, faced with a magnificent contraption built by Democrats designed to capture him at the courthouse- and he just talked about the massive MAGA victories from the night prior with Hispanics turning out en mass to vote for Republicans.

Bannon talked about the growing unrest in the country over the Democrat’s leftward shift into insanity, and how those frustrations were likely to result in a historic shift in DC not seen since 1932.

Bannon held court, pushed over their trap said what he wanted, and then blew off into the courthouse to face his hearing. You could almost see his legs spinning around from underneath him, like the Road Runner- off to his next destination. His approach to the reporters and their questions was hilarious and awesome.

But the boring left was focused on the next trap for Bannon, nonetheless- check it out.

CNN reported on the nonsense of ‘Get Bannon’:

“A federal judge on Wednesday refused to throw out the charges against Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress, sending the former Donald Trump adviser to trial next month.

Judge Carl Nichols of the DC District Court rejected Bannon’s motion to dismiss the case against him, including his arguments that the House select committee’s subpoenas were illegal and that he was protected by the secrecy of the presidency because he had been in contact with Trump at the end of his administration.

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The decision is likely to add firepower to the House’s January 6 investigation, which is holding public hearings this month on its findings, and it blesses the Justice Department’s decision to indict Bannon, who had left the Trump administration in 2017.

Bannon and several other conservatives have tried to fight the select committee’s subpoenas in court, but their arguments have been repeatedly rejected by federal judges.

Bannon’s is the first criminal proceeding to be greenlighted by a judge. Another Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, was more recently charged by the Justice Department with contempt of Congress related to its January 6 investigation.”

Did you see that? They may have finally gotten Bannon in their snares this time! Right?

“Bannon has pleaded not guilty and is headed to trial on July 18, though his attorney David Schoen said Wednesday that he may seek a delay.

“The judge, as has been the case at every juncture in this matter, came in well prepared, showed his familiarity with the issues and entered his decision as he deemed appropriate. We have preserved all of our arguments for review and respect his decision,” Schoen said in a statement following a three-hour court hearing on Wednesday, at which Nichols had announced his ruling.

“We look forward now to preparing for trial and to defending against this case to the fullest extent the law permits.”

Schoen said Bannon would like to call House committee members and Democratic leadership as witnesses at his trial, although not many people believe they would cooperate or tell the truth.

The US House Committee – meant to persecute Trump and all of his associates- wanted Bannon’s testimony and records in the Fall, clearly to force him to set the narrative for the Committee’s work to capture up all MAGA supporters and War Room fans.

The leftist-dominated Committee also clearly wanted to frame Bannon as the culprit of their version of the day- which is convenient because they need a villain for their fake insurrection and one who isn’t Nancy Pelosi.

So, when the left could point to January 5 when Bannon said that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow,” the committee made Bannon’s comments a large part of the subpoena.

Here is where the left gets excited, as CNN reported: “Bannon’s contempt of Congress charges carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 30 days if convicted,” because without their fantasies of Bannon in prison forever, the left lead boring lives.

CNN’s report continues:

Trump’s lawyer had sent a letter to Bannon after he was subpoenaed by the House that directed him not to comply with congressional requests for testimony and documents that could concern privileged material. The letter specified that Bannon shouldn’t provide information “where appropriate,” Nichols noted.

“The letters do not in my view reflect an unambiguous assertion” of Trump’s executive privilege, Nichols said.

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Bannon’s attorney said in court on Wednesday that his team might seek trial testimony from Trump lawyer Justin Clark.

Watch footage of Bannon’s speech outside the courthouse on Wednesday: