JUST IN: Strange Update On Biden’s Health

The virus that appeared in 2020 is still around, though like viruses do it has mutated and weakened.

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Americans are still contracting Covid-19 in its current weaker form, and recently President Joe Biden has been down with a case of Covid.

Biden tested positive for the virus, showing mild symptoms on Thursday.

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Biden, who soon will be 80 years old, has not been seen as the picture of health.

Physically, he has suffered a few falls since his term began at the White House.

Mentally, he is given to repeating himself, forgetting words, appearing confused, and showing possible signs of dementia and other cognitive impairments.

It seems that contracting the virus might be a severe problem for someone of this age and health.

But Joe Biden’s recent case of Covid seems to be mild.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that the president was “experiencing very mild symptoms” and that he would “isolate at the White House and will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time.”

“He has been in contact with members of the White House staff by phone this morning and will participate in his planned meetings at the White House this morning via phone and Zoom from the residence” she added.

Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Conner had this to say about the president’s health:

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“The president is fully vaccinated and twice boosted, so I anticipate that he will respond favorably, as most maximally protected patients do. Early use of Paxlovid in this case provides additional protection against severe disease.”

Dr. O’Conner noted that Biden was experiencing a runny nose and fatigue, “with an occasional dry cough, which started yesterday evening.”

Biden posted a video on his Twitter account saying he is “doing well and getting a lot of work done.”

Biden was also photographed on Thursday.

Dr. Jha said Biden told him he is “feeling fine.”

Jha said he didn’t know when Biden was infected with Covid, and Jean-Pierre said she did not “think that matters.”

So it seems that President Biden, despite having all his shots, has contracted the mild form of Covid, but was given medication and is able to carry on with electronic meetings while resting from his home, and there is not much concern as everyone seems to think he is doing fine.

During press conferences, these announcements and updates were made as to Biden’s health, but the announcements strangely contained data about the president’s eating habits with not much information and were delivered in a strange way as well.

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Ashish Jha spoke about President Joe Biden in an update Friday as though the president were struggling to finish meals.

“He slept well last night. He ate his breakfast and lunch fully,” Jha said at a White House press briefing. “He actually showed me his plate,” he added while making a plate-holding gesture with his hands.

Why would the president show him his plate?

Following the statement, reporters questioned Jha and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about what the president ate, according to the briefing transcript. Both associates were unable to answer the question.

“Didn’t ask about the menu, but I did see an empty plate with crumbs,” Jha stated, followed by Jean-Pierre exclaiming, “He did, yeah.”

An “empty plate”, but no information on what was eaten or how much of that was on the plate.

After the exchange, people took to social media to criticize the president’s current state, comparing Biden’s accomplishment to that of a toddler, Daily Caller reports.

“Joe Biden took his nap and ate his food like a big boy,” one user stated. “He even showed his handlers that he made a happy plate!!”

“Has there ever been an official statement that makes an American President sound weaker than the White House doctor saying Biden, ‘cleaned his plate’ and held it up to show him?” another user said, to which someone responded, “Like in a nursing home.”

Not to be above using the president’s downtime to promote vaccines, the White House Coronavirus Response coordinator had a response to all the press on Biden’s fine handling of the illness due to the shots he had received.

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After remarking on Biden’s recent accomplishment, Jha advised that Americans over 50 get boosted like the president. “This is a really good time to go and get a shot,” he said, in a dubious plug.

First Lady Jill Biden has not tested positive and is keeping her full schedule while President Biden rests comfortably at the White House.

Although she is spending time with the recuperating president, Mrs. Biden will continue with her tour of a Detroit summer learning program and continue on to Georgia, keeping her scheduled events, and plans to remain masked as she does so.

She is on a summer learning tour with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona.