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Justice Clarence Thomas Could Be Sidelined Under Controversial New Supreme Court

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Clarence Thomas, a beloved patriot, conservative Republican, and Supreme Court justice, who should be the left’s hero based only on his skin color and level of accomplishment, has encountered nothing but violent and psychotic opposition from the Marxist left.

And again, two groups of dishonest anti-American activists posing as attorneys and watchdogs are launching attacks against his efforts to serve the nation in his position of responsibility.

The fact is that the left has never recognized American independence or the liberation of free citizens from an authoritarian form of government, and they have never ceased seeking for more control over American freedom.

While crafting a code of ethics for the Supreme Court and its family members to adhere to and sending it directly to Thomas, the groups’ message is clearly to get himself and his conservative wife under control; otherwise, they will both face humiliation and Maoist CCP-style denunciation rallies for their behavior against the Marxist left.

We can anticipate that authoritarians would employ tyrannical methods; this comes as no surprise. This incident begs the issue of how extremely well-funded non-profit conduits may conceivably funnel foreign money into American elections and into our most cherished institutions, such as the judiciary.

Evaluate if these legal actions, which are obviously aimed at Thomas and his family, are merely another seizure of the American Republic.

The effort to change the nation’s highest court continues with yet another power grab by two communist Non-Profit- Non-Governmental Organizations, both of whom believe that the United States’ system of government is a “democracy.”

Observe that even when you explain to the left that they are mistaken about how our system is intended to operate, they still utilize lawfare to further their unrealistic demands that we one day become a democracy.

And here are two socialist organizations doing precisely that:

After decades of independence from the Democratic plantation, listen to how the liberal media at WBUR frames the latest attempt to force Thomas into submission to the left.

“Finally, somebody has tried writing a Supreme Court ethics code, though not the court itself. The justices reportedly have discussed the subject but apparently have not reached any agreement on what, if anything, to do about it.

However, two groups have written what they call a model code of conduct for the Supreme Court. And it’s getting generally favorable reviews. The groups are the Project on Government Oversight, a nonpartisan, independent government watchdog, and the Lawyers Defending American Democracy.

Their effort follows an increasing drumbeat of criticism aimed at the court for perceived ethical lapses and failures to deal with them. Most recently, the American Bar Association passed a resolution calling on the justices to adopt a binding code of ethics and urged other bar associations around the country to pass similar resolutions.

The proposed model code of conduct and accompanying commentary couches its objective in modest terms — to offer a proposal for further discussion and for the court to consider. While its recommendations are based on the already existing code of conduct that applies to lower federal court judges, the proposed Supreme Court code goes much further.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Oh yes- finally the left has resorted to their authoritarian ways to control Thomas, a Black American man who dares be a Conservative Patriot, married to a Conservative patriot. CONTINUE READING…

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