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Kamala Harris’ Jaw Drops as She’s Caught Off-Guard with Question About Her Husband Kissing Jill Biden

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During an interview, Vice President Kamala Harris was put on the spot with an embarrassing question, and her reply revealed that she was completely taken aback.

On Tuesday, during President Biden’s State of the Union speech, First Lady Jill Biden had a kiss with the vice president’s spouse, Doug Emhoff, upon entering and before taking her seat.

In an interview a few days later, Edwin Pitti of Univision addressed her about the film, stating, “What is your reaction to the video, which many say they have to gossip about?”

Harris’s mouth fell when he was presented with the question. She afterwards said, “No, I haven’t watched the video. I don’t know.” Clearly, she was taken off guard by the question and had no idea how to reply.

She then disregarded the video and went off on a tangent about how the first lady and the second gentleman were collaborating to combat anti-Semitism or whatever.

This is another another example of a trait that has become a trademark of this administration: Kamala Harris is unprepared to answer difficult or uncomfortable questions. She attempts to divert them with weird, meaningless word salads.

Joe Biden is a poor public speaker who cannot manage to complete a single sentence without stumbling over his words or making a very humiliating error, but at least he has something to say.

In contrast, Kamala Harris never knows what to say and has no clue how to answer to difficult issues. Instead, she speaks about whatever that comes to her. When she is finished speaking, she has said nothing noteworthy.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

She has only succeeded in making herself and the Biden administration look like fools.

There is also the fact that Kamala Harris is trying to push a radical leftist agenda in the United States. She has already been seen giving speeches to shadowy globalist groups and has come out in full support of Black Lives Matter. CONTINUE READING…

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