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Kamala Has 4 Words When Asked About Threat Of Trump Victory

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This past weekend, Kamala Harris appeared on Face the Nation for a scathing interview, demonstrating that while the Democrat Party is prepared to place her back in the White House in 2024, the media is not as enthusiastic about the notion. What Harris said was more of her infamous word salad, which so many of her supporters adore.

Even more unsettling was what she said regarding her return to the White House.

First, she avoided addressing the pandemonium at the southern frontier without providing an explanation for why she has allowed a catastrophe to occur there.

Observe as she is confronted and responds with a callous disregard for the genuine concerns of Americans:

“When the border crossings went down earlier in the summer, the administration said it was due to your policies working. Now they’re going back up … does that show the strategy is no longer working?” Harris was asked.

KAMALA HARRIS: “Absolutely not

The interview was poorly received by those who responded online:

We know that there are potent forces behind Harris who want her to take over as President of the United States. In addition, the media is pressuring her to comment on her feelings, which were revealed in a weekend interview.

It appears that the “fix is in,” which makes Harris’s statement about returning to the White House all the more disturbing.

So the greatest takeaway from the interview is when the two women were talking about Joe Biden.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We’re delivering for the American people.

The lamentable reality is that very few of those who would oppose our administration actually have a plan for America. Margaret, look at what we’ve accomplished. We have created over 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the United States, along with 13 million new jobs and record-low unemployment rates.

We have limited the monthly cost of insulin for seniors at $35 and the annual cost of prescription medications at $2,000.

MARGARET BRENNAN: They’re talking about…


MARGARET BRENNAN: … what you would do as president as being a risk. They’re honing in on you.

Why do you think that is? How do you respond to those attacks? That’s not about policy. That’s about you.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Listen, this is not new. There’s nothing new about that.

I mean, listen, I was a prosecutor for my entire career. I was the first woman to be elected and reelected as the district attorney of San Francisco, a significant city in this country. I was reelected as the first female attorney general of the second largest United States Department of Justice.

I was a senator of the United States. I once represented one out of every eight Americans, and I am now the vice president of the United States. They feel the need to attack because they are afraid that Joe Biden, I, and our administration will triumph based on the quality of our work.

And let me share something with you. I collaborate with Joe Biden daily. Under Joe Biden’s leadership, we have transformed and are in the process of transforming America’s infrastructure with a historic investment in, not only roadways and bridges, but high-speed Internet, what we are doing around issues like lead pipelines. I could go on indefinitely.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you taking the threat of a second Trump presidency seriously enough?

That is where the media really sat up.

“Harris dropped a big prediction about the 2024 election after CBS’s Margaret Brennan questioned her about national polls, Ben Blanchet reported for Mediate, adding that at [01:43] in the interview, he really took notice of what was said:

“Vice President Kamala Harris answered CBS’s Margaret Brennan with silence after the “Face the Nation” host questioned her about former President Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House.”

“Are you taking the threat of a second Trump presidency seriously enough?” Brennan asked Harris before a roughly two-second pause.

“I don’t understand the question,” Harris replied.

Brennan went on to characterize Harris as “dismissive” of Republican criticism directed at her and President Joe Biden, before highlighting Trump’s performance in national polls.

A number of polls released within the past month indicated either a narrow lead for one candidate or a deadlock between Trump and Biden.

“When you look at current polling, the front-runner for a Republican nomination is the former president, the 45th president,” Brennan said to Harris.

“We will win reelection,” Harris responded.

“Do you feel —,” said Brennan before Harris cut in.

“We will win, we will win reelection. There is too much at stake and the American people know it,” Harris said.

The tense exchange between the two followed Brennan’s comment about Republicans targeting Harris as they continue to express concerns that Biden, who would reach 86 at the end of his term, would be unable to complete his second term.

Brennan noted later that Democrats were also concerned about Biden’s age, citing a recent Wall Street Journal poll in which two-thirds of Democrats described him as “too old” to run for president.

“Are you prepared to be commander in chief?” Brennan asked.

“Yes, I am, if necessary. But Joe Biden is going to be fine,” Harris replied.


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