Kamala’s Interview Was Bad – But Body Language Expert Adds Even Worse Comments!

This is really deep. And really true. What’s REALLY FRIGHTENING for all Americans!

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VP Kamala sat down with NBC anchor Craig Melvin on Tuesday to speak about some of the hot issues currently plaguing America.
Despite the popular opinion that the media is not pushy when it comes to questioning Biden’s Admin, Melvin appeared not to hold back as he questioned the VP about voting rights and the highly controversial COVID-19 pandemic.

And while Harris appeared to be somewhat agitated at times by Melvin’s persistence, the Vice President seemed to come out of the interview unscathed.

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But, a body language expert was here to dismantle her courage and efforts.

Gregory Hartley, behavior and body language expert, analyzed the interview with Harris and pointed out how not only are her answers already determined, but everything down to her hand movements are all a way to deflect the questions being asked and make it appear the Biden administration is still in control of situations like COVID-19.

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