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Kari Lake Celebrates Georgia Judge Ordering New Election

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Kari Lake, a Republican, tweeted about a recent judgement in Georgia ordering a fresh election after a hearing determined that state election authorities detected so many “systemic irregularities” that it likely altered the election outcome.

Lake’s latest tweet on the Georgia election update was sent just days after a court ruled not to reverse the outcome of her campaign in Arizona or call a new election in Maricopa County, after hearing testimony that the identical circumstances transpired in her own Arizona race.

The parallels to her own position were striking.

In Georgia, two incumbent county commissioners, a candidate for local office, and two individuals filed suit against Screven County election authorities over the certification of the November 8 General Election.

Attorneys for the Georgia parties being sued over the management of election results in Screven County, Georgia, issued their initial responses to the complaint in mid-November.

“The point of contention is over the county’s decision to certify election results in Screven County in a county commission race with a margin of just seven votes. In that race, the opponents of the certification now say proper ballots with the correct county commission districts were not given to voters who changed districts thanks to the redistricting earlier this year,” local GA news reported.

In District 1, incumbent Democrat Edwin Lovett defeated challenger Republican Tyler Thompson by a margin of seven votes. In this district, 715 Screven County residents cast ballots, with Lovett receiving 361 votes (50.49%) and Thompson receiving 354 votes (49.5%).

GA news provided further information about their election difficulties.

“Respondent shows that it is the responsibility of the Chief Registrar of Screven County, Georgia to assign individuals upon registration or reassign individuals to voting districts when redistricting occurs. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Chief Registrar to provide Screven County election officials and the Secretary of State with updated voter registration and district assignment information to ensure that ballots will be provided to voters based on the district in which they reside. All ballots are provided to voters based upon information supplied by the Chief Registrar; information upon which election officials, including Respondent, rely.”

In addition, election officials said the following in their filing:

Petitioners Allison Willis and Mike Dixon lack standing to challenge the election since they are unable to vote in the County Commissioner District election at issue.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

1. Petitioner Michael Lloyd Waters is not currently a resident of District 1 and he did not become a resident of District 1 as a result of redistricting.

Petitioner Vikki Reddick is a resident of District 1 but Brown and Derriso do not know any additional information because that is the responsibility of the Registrar. CONTNUE READING…

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