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Kari Lake Drops Election Challenge Bombshell Update, Claims Maricopa County Is Withholding Evidence

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Notwithstanding a state Supreme Court judgment in her favor, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake of Arizona stated on Friday that Maricopa County is refusing to allow her legal team to check mail-in vote signatures.

Lake tweeted on Friday, “Maricopa County Election Authorities REFUSE To Let @KariLake Law Team To Examine Vote Signatures. What are they hiding?”

She continued in a second tweet, “Maricopa County has confirmed what we all knew to be true: Ballot signatures DO NOT MATCH. Election Officials brazenly HIDING EVIDENCE from us. This is the smoking gun.”

Lake added, “Unfortunately for them, I’m not giving up — even if that means legally forcing them to hand over evidence.”

This Monday, the Arizona Supreme Court ordered the trial court in Lake’s challenge of Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ November victory to reconsider the Republican’s argument that the county failed to comply with signature verification regulations for mail-in votes.

“whistleblowers conducting signature verification at [the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center] came forward with with the evidence that Maricopa disregarded Arizona law and allowed tens of thousands of uncured ballots with nonmatching signatures to be counted,” according to Lake’s filing with the Supreme Court.

After the Supreme Court ruled in his client’s favor, her counsel, Kurt Olsen, stated, “There are literally over 100,000 ballots in question because of invalid signatures that were accepted and tabulated.”

“This is not a challenge about simply a few bad signatures. … This is about a systemic failure of the entire signature verification process, which is allowing tens of thousands of ballots with signatures that don’t match the record on file. And this is the only security feature for mail-in voting,” Olsen stated.

The original civil case filed by Lake in December to the trial court included statements from three Maricopa County employees who claim that 90 percent of ballots marked for signature discrepancies were not cured to verify the identification of the voters.

“I believe that when the people of Arizona, and frankly the people of this country, see how poorly matched or mismatched or no match on these mail-in ballots, they are going to want to re-examine whether we have mail-in ballots in the first place,” Lake said on the Christian commentary show “Flashpoint” Thursday night. CONTINUE READING…

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