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Kari Lake Election Expert Gives Ballot Breakdown: ‘No Path’ to Victory for Hobbs

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Gina Swoboda, an elections specialist assisting the Kari Lake campaign, provided a highly optimistic assessment on the uncounted ballots in the Arizona governor’s race on Friday.

Swoboda told “Real America’s Voice” anchor Charlie Kirk that the ballots of 351,000 Republicans who have participated in the past four primaries and general elections but not Tuesday’s election had not yet been tallied.

Kirk emphasized that they are Republicans with “very high propensities” whose ballots have not yet been tabulated.

On Friday at noon, around 518,000 ballots remained to be tallied statewide, the great majority in Maricopa County (the Phoenix metro area).

As of Friday evening, Lake trailed Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs by around 27,000 votes.

Swoboda, the executive director of the Voter Reference Foundation, stated that Maricopa County notified Lake’s legal team that there were still 292,000 Election Day drop-off votes to be tallied.

In addition, around 12,000 of the 17,000 so-called “Box 3” ballots remain to be counted, the majority of which are presumably from Republican voters with high propensity.

Voters on Election Day were advised to submit their votes in Box 3 after over 60 polling places in Maricopa County faced issues with their tabulation machines. The ballots were subsequently transported to the downtown office of the Maricopa County Department of Elections.

“Generally, these are the high-propensity voters,” Swoboda said. “These are the people that went in on Election Day or dropped [their ballot] on Election Day because they wanted to make absolutely sure that their vote counted.”

According to the election expert, the remaining ballots in the Democratic stronghold of Pima County, which contains Tucson, are going toward Lake by a margin of around 51 to 49 percent.

“[Hobbs] has no path. … No matter what, period,” Kirk said.

“Correct,” said Swoboda.

Thursday morning, Lake argued to podcast host Steven Crowder why Election Day mail-in votes should favor her.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“Those are people who are nervous about dropping them off in those drop boxes. They’re nervous about dropping them in the mail. They want to show up on Election Day and hand-deliver it,” Lake said.

“Those are going to go heavily our way,” she said. “These are Republican voters. These are people who distrust the election system. And those would be voters who would vote for me.” CONTINUE READING…

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