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Kari Lake Election Lawsuit: Judge Hears From Attorneys

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The midterm election in Arizona was plagued by problems, including malfunctioning equipment, late ballots, and other suspicious activity. Kari Lake came out on the losing end of the election, and ever since the election was called, she has been searching for answers to firmly explain the causes of all the troubles and the real vote total. Other states with problems resorted to a manual ballot count, which in some instances swung the election.

ABC News reports that on Monday, Katie Hobbs confirmed her victory over Republican Lake in the presence of departing Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel.

Lake had five days from the completion of the certification to pursue legal objections in court, which she did. Lake is certain that her case will be successful and has stated that she will “take it all the way to the Supreme Court” if necessary.

Maricopa County spokesman Fields Moseley said that the courts are the appropriate place to handle such claims and that Maricopa’s election division “looks forward to sharing facts about the administration of the 2022 General Election and our work to ensure every legal voter had an opportunity to cast their ballot,” Reuters reported.

Lake lost the Arizona governor election by around 17,000 votes, but she is seeking the Maricopa County Superior Court to proclaim her the winner. Tuesday, attorneys for Lake and her Democratic opponent testified before the judge in the case alleging statewide fraud. In addition, the judge looked poised to give a judgment soon, which is excellent news for people who do not want a legal dispute to go on for months.

The declared winner of the election is delighted with the outcome and is attempting to dispose of the matter.

In response to Lake’s 70-page lawsuit, attorneys for Secretary of State and Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs, as well as attorneys for Maricopa County elections officials, intend to file motions to dismiss the case. Andy Gaona, who represented the Office of the Secretary of State, requested the judge on Tuesday to keep the matter on a short timetable in the hopes that it will be dismissed swiftly.

“Essentially a one-day hearing should give the plaintiffs the opportunity to make whatever case they believe they have, a case we believe is nonexistent,” Gaona said during Tuesday’s virtual hearing.

Gaona informed the judge that Hobbs will be sworn in as governor at the beginning of January, and that allowing the action to drag on for too long will disturb the peaceful transfer of power. Doug Ducey, the current Republican governor of Arizona, has reached his term limit.

Lake’s attorney, Bryan Blehm, asked the judge for further time to prepare arguments. “This is a pretty significant factual hearing, your honor,” stated Blehm.

“Judge Peter Thompson said he did have some concerns about timing. He scheduled two hours on Monday for oral arguments for the motions to dismiss and set a two-day hearing scheduled for later next week. There appears to be major interest in the case. Tuesday’s hearing was delayed by about half an hour because so many members of the public were trying to log into the virtual courtroom,” KJZZ reported.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

It is not surprising that there would be massive public attention given to the case, as election integrity has been the topic of discussion in the United States since the 2020 presidential election. Many are still seeking answers from results in some states regarding that election. CONTINUE READING…

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