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Kari Lake Makes Big Announcement After New Data Emerges In Her Election

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Arizona’s gubernatorial election is one of the contests being determined by razor-thin margins. Nearly a week after the election, Arizona is unbelievably behind in ballot counting for a state of its size. After initially behind her Democratic opponent, incumbent Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Republican Kari Lake is now gaining ground.

Despite speculations to the contrary, Lake is focused on the present situation in her home state of Arizona. Tuesday, on Election Day, Lake denied speculations that she was considering running as Donald Trump’s running partner in 2024.

Lake talked with reporters on Tuesday afternoon, and she quickly put the record right when a reporter inquired about the possibility of her becoming Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate. Lake concentrated on her dreams to become governor.

“I’m going to do two terms. I’m going to be your worst frickin’ nightmare for 8 years, and we will reform the media as well. We are going to make you guys into journalists again. So, get ready. It’s going to be a fun 8 years,” she said, adding that she planned to provide supporters with some voting advice.

“We are going to encourage people to stay in line, we are going to vote and stay in line, and the people of Arizona would walk over hot coals, and they would walk over broken glass to vote today, and I know that they can stand in line for a couple of hours if they have to. I know they’ll stand in line for eight hours if they have to,” she told a reporter.

The activities in Arizona appear to be directed at Republicans, who were anticipated to show up in bigger numbers than the opposition. Tucker Carlson of Fox News remarked in an interview with Lake on Wednesday evening, “I mean, I’m not alleging a crime, but broadly speaking, its just criminal to screw it up this badly. Did anyone know this was going to happen? It’s outrageous.”

And significant data Elections Analyst Garrett Archer concurs with Lake, as he tweeted.

Lake replied to the forecast of a prominent data analyst and local expert who tweeted on Saturday that thousands of ballots favorable to her and other Republicans were ready to fall.

“From the data guru himself,” Lake tweeted, citing ABC15’s Archer, quoting something he tweeted: “‘The GOP cavalry is coming.’”

“Buckle up, boys and girls. It’s about to get fun!” she added, along with an American flag emoji.

Archer, a former elections official in the state, tweeted earlier: “This is also big. The next batch of 114k late early drop-offs that were transmitted to the elections department will break in favor of @KariLake. Important note: We do not know when these ballots will be tabulated, but the GOP cavalry is coming.”

In an additional tweet, he noted late Saturday evening: “Being that guy again. Today’s 85K batch only included a portion of this 114K. The reason you haven’t seen any calls, is b/c The agencies know this is coming. It’s not a question that Rs will win the next batches. Only a question of by how much.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Conservative Brief could not independently verify his information.

On Thursday, meanwhile, Lake told Fox News she was certain of victory. CONTINUE READING…

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