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Kari Lake Steals Show at Super Bowl as Photo of Her During ‘Black Nat’l Anthem’ Goes Viral

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Kari Lake is such a respected and famous national analyst that photographs of her doing nothing while sitting in her stadium seat during the opening performance for the 2023 Superbowl, which was held in Arizona, went viral on Sunday.

According to media sources, Lake, a Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, was merely sitting peacefully as everybody around her stood, and that was enough for the public to take note and share the word on social media, earning Lake a lot of attention.

Lake had just returned from the campaign trail in Iowa, where she was the first Republican in 2023 to speak to large crowds of voters. The Populist Firebrand spoke about her campaign for governor and the disastrous results of that election, which have landed her in the national spotlight for what many see as obvious voter fraud- in the victory of sitting Governor, Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Lake, though, warned supporters in Iowa that the struggle isn’t over, and she opted to speak in Iowa while her legal challenges against Hobbs work their way through the courts.

Because Iowa is usually the first primary to be held during a Presidential campaign, the decision to address the people was significant.

Lake had a fantastic attendance in Iowa, with overflowing halls, and then she went to the SuperBowl, where the people showed their interest in her by remaining seated throughout the contentious “Black National Anthem,” which is a technique used by social justice warriors to divide the country.

Michael Austin covered the story for the Western Journal, providing further information regarding Lake and the contentious anthem:

“Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the so-called black national anthem, was initially unveiled as a novel fixture to be sung before every NFL game in 2020.

The song, a Christian hymn commemorating Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, has noble beginnings. However, the motive for its installation before professional football games was far from honorable.

According to Time, the NFL introduced the song as a “black” national anthem in “an effort to reinforce the league’s professed newfound alignment with Black Lives Matter.”

The “black national anthem” was added as a concession to those who felt the “racist” origins of “The Star-Spangled Banner” didn’t represent them.

Regardless matter whatever song they choose, identifying something as a “national anthem” for only one racial group is contentious.

That’s why conservative firebrand Kari Lake elected to sit during Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday.

“The @NFL played two different ‘National Anthems’ tonight. Someone just sent me a photo of @KariLake sitting during the first one,” conservative journalist Benny Johnson tweeted during the championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

When asked by The Western Journal, Lake confirmed she had indeed chosen to sit as the song was sung. CONTINUE READING…

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