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Kari Lake to Run for US Senate? New Poll Delivers Incredibly Good News

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Kari Lake may not become the next governor of Arizona, but her political career is not ended. Far from it, if a recent survey is any evidence.

Lake is in the lead in what is expected to be a three-way fight for Arizona’s senate in 2024, according to an early survey conducted in the midst of her ongoing legal struggle over the November governor’s election.

According to a survey issued by Blueprint Polling on Wednesday, Lake leads Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego by 4 points and independent incumbent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema by 22 points.

While Arizona is traditionally conservative, the GOP has lost three consecutive Senate elections. Martha McSally was defeated by Sinema in 2018 and by Sen. Mark Kelly in a special election for Sen. John McCain’s seat in 2020. In November, Kelly earned a full term by defeating political neophyte Blake Masters.

Both Kelly and Sinema paved the way to victory by portraying themselves as independent moderates. Neither McSally nor Masters, while being legitimate and competent conservatives, appeared to resonate with voters.

Nonetheless, the “independent moderate” factor has made the 2024 Arizona election one of the most intriguing in the country. While Kelly’s political independence is mostly a fabrication of his managers, Sinema appears to have taken her own words seriously, to the dismay of Democrats.

Sinema’s unwillingness to abolish the filibuster defeated a bill that would have rewritten American voting rules to undermine election security and put the federal government’s thumb on the scales of democracy to favor the left. Despite being pro-abortion, she was adamantly opposed to eliminating the 60-vote supermajority when it came to nationwide codifying Roe v. Wade.

Sinema declared late last year that she was quitting the Democrats and becoming an independent. While the change more truly represents her political beliefs, it also permits her to avoid a primary struggle with Gallego, a far more liberal lawmaker that Arizona’s left-wing movement base has been pushing to oppose her.

The divided Democratic vote presents a golden chance for Lake, a former news anchor for a Phoenix television station who, while being proclaimed the loser of the 2022 gubernatorial race, was one of the few breakout stars for the Republican Party in the previous election cycle.

And, according to Blueprint Polling’s press release on Wednesday, “Sinema runs a distant third in a hypothetical three- way race in the general that also includes 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego.”

“Kari Lake polls at 36% in a three-way Senate race with Gallego and Sinema. The congressman follows closely at 32% while the incumbent polls less than 14%. One in six voters are undecided,” the news release stated.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“Sinema draws support from both Republicans and Democrats—she gets the vote of 15% of Biden 2020 voters and 11% of Trump 2020 voters. 23% of Biden voters remain undecided in the race (compared to 13% of Trump voters), suggesting that some Democrats may be waiting to see how the race shakes out before backing a candidate. CONTINUE READING…

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