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Kari Lake Trial: Maricopa County’s Expert Witness Didn’t Even See 1 Ballot in Bombshell Admission

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On Thursday, the left would have you believe that Kari Lake’s legal team was annihilated in court.

In a midterm election marred by anomalies and delays in in-person voting, Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, lost by 17,000 votes. According to KVOA-TV, a Maricopa County judge is now deciding the outcome of her appeal.

While these challenges are long bets to begin with due to the nature of the system, the left-leaning website Raw Story was persuaded a Maricopa County expert witness “destroyed Kari Lake’s case in less than 60 seconds.”

“An expert witness called by lawyers representing Maricopa County on Thursday ripped apart defeated Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s case to overturn the election in just one minute,” the story began.

That witness, University of Wisconsin political science professor Kenneth Mayer, “destroyed” her case thusly:

“My high-level response is that all the claims that were made in the complaint about the effects of voter wait times, the claims of disenfranchisement, claims about a disproportionate effect on Republicans and their voters, that they are all based on pure speculation,” he claimed.

“There’s simply no data to support any of those claims, and there’s quite a bit of data that suggests this did not happen.”

Oh, snap. This only demonstrates that the entire situation is a sham, right? He is an expert, obviously. In any case, this is how one earns the title “expert witness.” And if you know one thing, it’s that you must Trust The Experts.

Even if the “expert,” according to Kari Lake’s official campaign website, “reviewed absolutely no data about plaintiff’s claims on signature verification before writing his report and submitting it to the court.”

Oh, and that’s not all.

Did Mayer examine the verification of signatures on Maricopa County ballots? Negative.

Despite his vehement advocacy of voting machines and tabulators in Maricopa County, does he have any knowledge in technological matters? The account did not report.

Was he in Maricopa County on Election Day to see the mayhem? Of course not.


More on this story via The Western Journal:

And why is this important? As the Twitter account noted, Mayer admitted in his testimony that Election Day voting favored Republicans by 70 percent. CONTINUE READING…

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