Kari Lake’s New Plan Will Cause Media to Panic

Wednesday, as the Arizona Republican governor primary campaign tightened, Kari Lake delivered an upbeat message during a Phoenix press conference.

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Contrary to the establishment media’s portrayal of her as a conservative extreme, Lake spoke about unifying the Republican Party at a time when, according to her, the party must come together.

The gubernatorial candidate disclosed her willingness to collaborate with her opponent, Karin Taylor Robson, who was lagging Lake in the vote count. Thursday saw Lake named the winner of the Republican primary.

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Wednesday, when asked if she would seek Robson’s support, Lake compared the Republican Party to a family.

“In a large family, there are good moments, bad times, disputes, and dysfunction, but at the end of the day, you’re still brothers and sisters and you’re still a family.

“We are family in this Republican Party. We don’t maybe agree on every single thing, but I think we agree on the most important issues of the day,” stated Lake.

“I believe that Karrin will come in because I know for a fact that Karrin loves this state. She was born here, she cares deeply about Arizona and, frankly, this party needs her to come together,” added Lake. “I welcome her, and I hope that she will come and work with us.”

Thursday night, the Associated Press called the race for Lake. According to The New York Times, she was leading by over 3 percentage points with 89 percent of ballots recorded.

Lake stated on Wednesday, “This is a movement, and we want all Republicans to be a part of it.”

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs won the Democratic primary by an overwhelming margin. Marco Lopez was defeated by 50 points.

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Former Vice President Mike Pence endorsed Robson last month, while former President Donald Trump supported Lake.

Despite Lake’s desire to join with Robson, the Pence-backed candidate disagreed with Lake’s assertions of voting fraud in the 2020 presidential race, a contentious issue among Republicans and conservatives.