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Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake Ordered to Attend Emergency Court Hearing in Arizona

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Katie Hobbs, who handles elections in the state, believed she was secure after claiming victory in the close contest for governor against Republican Kari Lake. Now she realizes that it is far from finished.

The ongoing election concerns in Arizona have only intensified when Lake filed a lawsuit disputing the results, which unveiled a flood of incorrect material in stunning exhibits — particularly, improper voter signature verification. Hobbs may have hoped that this information would not become public, but she now has additional concerns as she is required to appear in court for an emergency hearing with Lake.

The Post Millennial reported that on Tuesday, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appeared in virtual court with representatives for Governor-elect Katie Hobbs and other election authorities.

According to the Arizona Sun Times, the emergency hearing was set by Judge Peter A. Thompson of the Arizona Superior Court in Maricopa County on Monday, marking the latest move in the case brought by Lake disputing the results of the 2022 General Election.

“The Court has reviewed Plaintiffs’ Verified Statement of Election Contest filed December 9, 2022. Because this matter is an election challenge, the return hearing will be set on an accelerated basis,” according to Thompson in his order issued to Hobbs and Lake.

In addition to Lake and Hobbs, Maricopa County Supervisor Stephen Richer, Board of Supervisor members Bill Gates, Clint Hickman, Jack Sellers, Thomas Galvin, and Steve Gallardo, and Elections Director Scott Jarrett were summoned. Tuesday at 11 a.m., the order specified, the appearance would take place via video conference. According to Arizona Sun Times, the purpose of the hearing was not to argue the issue, but to establish the lawsuit’s next steps.

Due to technological problems, the proceedings did not begin until after noon. Sen. Wendy Rogers of Arizona published the meeting information on Tuesday morning, allowing anybody to attend.

Before the scheduled commencement of the hearing, Lake tweeted the following message:

“I was just told this is the most popular meeting in America right now. I can’t even get INTO the court hearing meeting, nor can my attorneys.”

After the emergency hearing had concluded, Lake issued a public statement:

After this important initial hearing, Lake also shared:

“Today’s hearing regarding my lawsuit was telling. The Judge noted the volume of evidence my team compiled. The defendants’ team seemed desperate to sweep it under the rug.”

“I am thankful to Judge Peter Thompson and his team for the work they do and we are confident that given the opportunity, we will expose this election for the sham it was.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

According to The Post Millennial, Lake and Hobbs were informed of what next steps would be taken in the case. CONTINUE READING…

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