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Kayleigh McEnany Accused Of Racist Remark

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Leftists, who believed they had eliminated a popular conservative provocateur who does not kowtow to the establishment with Tucker Carlson’s dismissal, are incensed over his replacement for the upcoming week.

Kayleigh McEnany, who served as press secretary for the Trump administration for ten months, will have a weeklong trial run in the highly visible 8 p.m. Eastern time period beginning on Monday.

Carlson was fired on April 24 following revelations that he made racist remarks, promoted a plot involving the January 6, 2021 uprising, and texted disapproving messages to Fox News reporters who fact-checked the network’s false claims of election fraud even though he did not agree with them.

The Los Angeles Times wrote disparagingly about McEnany while also accusing her of racism, similar to how Carlson was treated. There are no signs Fox News is giving up on provocative and inflammatory viewpoints in the hour. McEnany comes in with a head start on creating controversy as she made a racially offensive crack Friday on ‘Outnumbered,’ the Fox News daytime show where she is a co-host,” the publication reported.

It is unfathomable to conceive what a devout Christian like McEnany could possibly have said to merit such a vile charge of racism. However, it doesn’t take anything at all; it all depends on how the left interprets it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, McEnany is a racist for commenting on the drumming of demonstrators.

“McEnany introduced a discussion of a New York City protest over the May 1 killing of a Black homeless man by a Marine veteran on a subway train. Jordan Neely, 30, who had a history of mental illness and multiple arrests for assault, ranted and allegedly terrorized passengers before the veteran put him in a choke hold that police have determined caused his death,” the article explained, providing context for the alleged offensive remark that followed.

“After coming out of video showing a drum-beating mixed-race crowd chanting about Neely’s death, McEnany said ‘Justice or burn it down — well at least they have rhythm,’ evoking a stereotype about Black people,” the report read.

It didn’t take long for critics on Twitter to become collectively incensed over a harmless remark. Many claimed it demonstrated McEnany’s willingness to appeal to the MAGA audience members who have abandoned Carlson since his firing. CONTINUE READING…

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