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Kayne Drops Bombshell In Tucker Carlson Interview — Instantly Goes Viral

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Innovative Kanye West appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson on Thursday in a highly-anticipated interview that yielded fascinating confessions from the megastar after a prolonged campaign of hatred and lies had been waged against him, his marriage, and his children because of his support for President Donald J. Trump.

West also dropped a surprise for political observers that immediately went viral and revealed conflict between Trump’s many influences throughout his term as president.

West, also known as ‘ye,’ was forthright and honest about what transpired during his marriage to Kim Kardashian and how she yielded to pressure from Bill and Hillary Clinton to destroy her marriage and family life for the sake of her children. He also discussed his true support for Trump, which he hid from Hollywood and the Clintons out of fear.

West expressed his displeasure with Republicans and Democrats for marginalizing the Black voter with bogus promises. Something West did not accuse his pal Trump of doing against the Black Community.

Ye, who spoke openly about his parents and their problems, told Carlson that his father, a former Black Panther, was also a bright entrepreneur and that Black Americans deserved more opportunity to participate in American culture and produce things for society.

Trump’s promise of tremendous possibilities for African-Americans undoubtedly drew West to his platform. Yet, these possibilities appeared to have been halted when Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, seized control of most of the Black outreach for the White House, turning it into a sort of joke, enraging many people, and we may now understand why, since Kanye West revealed what had occurred.

From West’s perspective, the most alarming aspect of the interview was the discussion of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Jared’s brother, Josh, and their role in the presidency.

“Kanye accuses Kushner of working against Trump,” Paul Joseph Watson said that “These guys might have really been holding Trump back,” in reference to the interview, adding:

During his interview with Tucker Carlson last night, Kanye West savaged the Kushner family, accusing former White House advisor Jared Kushner of sabotaging Trump.

“After talking to them, and really sitting with Jared and sitting with Josh and finding out other pieces of information, I was like wow, these guys might have really been holding Trump back,” said Kanye.

Kanye also said that Jared Kushner and his brother Josh orchestrated the Abraham Accords between Israel and Arab nations just to “make money.”

During the conversation, West sounded apprehensive about the topic, at one point asking Carlson, “What’s going on with Israel?” I believe it was for monetary gain only. Is that too forceful to include on this platform?”

“I just think that that’s what they’re about, making money, I don’t think they have the ability to make anything on their own, I think they were born into money,” West said.

“For me as a maverick and a talent and a person that has been beaten, kicked, lost everything, said to have lost my mind… It’s a weird thing. A person who has built something from nothing when I sit across the table from Josh Kushner and he feels so entitled to that idea and this person has never brought anything of value other than being a good venture capitalist, I have a major issue with that. It makes me feel like they weren’t serving my boy Trump the way we could have.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

West talked about how Kushner had somehow snuck into his business deal with West’s own wife-Kardashian, screwing up that relationship and marginalizing West.

That was a pattern that emerged in the interview about Kushner and will make sense to political watchers because we have seen that pattern before. CONTINUE READING…

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