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Kellyanne Conway Talks ‘Nasty Divorce’ Between Trump and Pence, Expect Major Announcement Soon

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An ex-insider of the Trump administration has verified that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are no longer close friends.

During a Thursday event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway discussed the connection between the two Republicans.

“They did fabulous things for this country together for four years. It was a nasty divorce in the end, but they need to find a responsible way to co-parent the future of the party, the conservative movement,” Conway said.

Conway acknowledged she has contact with both Trump and Pence.

The certification of the 2020 election is the principal source of disagreement between Trump and Pence. Trump maintained that as Senate President, Pence had the authority to reject the electoral college slate.

Pence eventually declined to do so, citing his lack of legal power to reverse a U.S. presidential election on his own.

After leaving office, Pence has supported this view, expressing his fundamental difference with Trump on the issue.

Regardless, if Pence’s disputes with Trump are fuelling his own flirting with a presidential run in 2024, he is setting himself up for an embarrassing loss in the Republican primary.

To be honest, all indicators point to the former governor of Indiana being a guy of high moral character and strong religion. This places him ahead of several of his other contenders who are not Trump.

Less certain is the extent to which this would make him the right choice to oppose the mainstream media juggernaut in 2024.

Republicans have previously nominated unsuccessful presidential candidates who base their White House ambitions on their own personal qualities.

There is some evidence that Pence’s character is in fact stronger than that of Mitt Romney. It’s a low bar to clear, but at least the former governor of Indiana has not amassed a fortune by outsourcing middle-class American jobs.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Nor does he share the late John McCain’s irate temperament and iffy relationship history.

And yet, it’s easier to imagine Pence being vulnerable to a torrent of media slander as the main act on a presidential ticket than Trump-style “fighters.” CONTINUE READING…

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