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Kevin McCarthy Gets ‘America First’ Primary Challenger

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A businessman in Representative Kevin McCarthy’s congressional district is presenting him with a primary challenge, alleging that he “failed” his constituents by belonging to the “corrupt uniparty.”

David Giglio declared his intention to challenge Senator McCarthy in an appeal to the electors of California’s 20th Congressional District on Monday morning.

The self-described “America First” advocate and Second Amendment supporter accused the former House speaker in a campaign-related press release of belonging to “permanent Washington.”

Giglio is the candidate for a political party that pledges to advocate term limits, prevent the militarization of the government against conservatives, and seal the nation’s border with Mexico.

However, in a campaign statement that was made public, he directly criticized McCarthy’s performance in office.

“Kevin McCarthy has failed the American people,” Giglio said in the statement that was posted to the social media platform X as well as to his campaign website.

Giglio continued:

“I am excited to announce my campaign to defeat Kevin McCarthy in California’s 20th Congressional District.

“After years of being sold out to special interests, the people of the Central Valley deserve an America First Republican fighting for them in Washington and working alongside President Donald Trump to WAGE WAR against the corrupt uniparty!”

Giglio, who self-identifies as a Catholic, father, husband, teacher, and small business owner on his social media profile, also referenced the historic removal of McCarthy as speaker when he declared that a change is necessary in the district McCarthy represents.

“Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker by 8 courageous members of his party for failing to keep to his promises and capitulating to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats,” Giglio stated.

He concluded:

“Kevin McCarthy must be defeated. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we replace career politicians and elect America First Republicans who will secure the southern border, stop the weaponization of government, drain the corrupt swamp, and annihilate permanent Washington.

“The American people want and deserve radical change, and I intend to do whatever it takes to fight, win, and deliver!”

On October 3, McCarthy was dismissed from his position as speaker of the House. Three weeks passed before Republican Representative Mike Johnson was sworn in as speaker on October 25.

McCarthy has not provided a public response to Giglio’s primary campaign as of yet.

In 2006, he was initially elected to the House.

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