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Key State Delivers HUGE Blow To Biden

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By continuing its illustrious tradition of hosting the inaugural presidential primary in the United States, New Hampshire has effectively challenged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Joe Biden. The primary states’ order was restructured by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in an effort to increase the representation of minority voters and more accurately reflect the party’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

The expected date of the New Hampshire primary election has been officially announced by Secretary of State Dave Scanlan as January 23, 2024. This decision puts New Hampshire in opposition to the recently revised presidential nomination calendar of the DNC. According to the calendar, the initial state to conduct its primary election on February 3 was South Carolina, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada three days later.

“I’m going to say a few things about why the New Hampshire primary is important to hold the lead-off position, and then I’ll announce the date,” Scanlan mentioned to Fox News Digital just before revealing his decision at the State House in Concord.

Scanlan stated, “The narrative from the Democratic National Committee (regarding New Hampshire’s lack of diversity) is not the real reason why this is going on, and there are more important reasons why New Hampshire should go first, and I’ll be discussing those tomorrow.”

However, there are those who interpret New Hampshire’s decision to maintain its century-old status as the finest state in the nation as a dig at President Biden and the Democratic National Committee. State law mandates that the first presidential primary be held one week prior to any analogous competition. As retribution for New Hampshire’s disobedience, the DNC may deprive the state of fifty percent of its delegates from the national convention.

Regarding the annals of the United States presidential election process, New Hampshire holds a unique position. The state has been the venue of the inaugural primary in the United States presidential election cycle for over a century. The primary, which originated in 1920, did not attain widespread recognition and become an integral part of the political arena for candidates until the 1950s.

A notorious aspect of the state’s political landscape is “retail politics,” wherein candidates conduct low-key, intimate campaigns. It is believed that by implementing this approach, electors will have the chance to engage in direct and personal conversations with presidential candidates.

As mandated by state legislation, the New Hampshire primary election must occur a minimum of seven days prior to any “similar election” that may occur in another state. This statute is intended to ensure that New Hampshire maintains its national leadership in this regard. The precise date of the primary is not predicted in advance. The Secretary of State of New Hampshire determines the date in adherence to state legislation through the examination of the principal schedules of other jurisdictions.

The primary serves as a pivotal trial run for prospective presidential candidates. A strong performance has the potential to generate momentum (also known as the “New Hampshire bounce”), whereas a poor performance can result in catastrophic outcomes. Due to the early primary, New Hampshire possesses a disproportionate quantity of influence in the nomination process despite its diminutive size. Candidates frequently allocate substantial financial and time resources to the state.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu, renowned for his critique of the Democratic National Committee and the president regarding their endeavors to modify the calendar, is expected to be present at Scanlan’s announcement and deliver a speech.

“Joe Biden has utterly botched this up for the Democrats and himself,” Sununu said in a September Fox News interview. “No matter what, we’re going first.” The governor further argued that “it’s just insulting.” The state’s Democrats have been insulted by the president.

The preponderance of Caucasian residents in New Hampshire has prompted some to contend that the state fails to sufficiently exemplify the multifaceted nature of the Democratic Party. Unpredictability is further compounded by the fact that a considerable portion of the New Hampshire populace is registered as “undeclared,” which grants them the right to participate in the primary elections of both political parties.

Certain Democrats argue that states with lower levels of diversity, such as New Hampshire and Iowa, should not have such a significant impact on the presidential nomination process.

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