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Kyle Rittenhouse Teases Future Congressional Run as He Meets with House Republicans in DC

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On November 17, 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse did not know if he would be a free man or face prison time for an act of self-defense.

A year later, Rittenhouse posted a snapshot of the U.S. Capitol with the suggestion that he would visit when he is older.

Thursday, Rittenhouse had his photo taken in front of the Capitol and tweeted it with the remark, T-minus 5 years until I call this place my office?” Additionally, he uploaded a photograph of himself at the Lincoln Memorial.

The minimum age requirement for Congress is 25. Born in 2003, Rittenhouse would be able to run for Congress in 2028.

Rittenhouse, whose acquittal on November 19, 2021 shook the nation, attended a pro-Second Amendment gathering in Washington on Thursday.

According to The Hill, he met with politicians and gun rights advocates at the Conservative Partnership Institute office near the Capitol, where he discussed his experiences and answered questions.

“[Rittenhouse] is a powerful example of why we must never give an inch on our Second Amendment rights, and his perseverance and love for our country was an inspiration to the caucus,” Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert said in a statement. Along with Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, who was also present at the ceremony, Boebert co-chairs the House Second Amendment Caucus.

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that Rittenhouse is “a true advocate for the Second Amendment.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Rittenhouse issued a statement about his pride and pleasure at being invited to the event.

“I’m 19 and just got to speak with leaders of the greatest country on earth! This was an amazing evening where I got to share my story and discuss the importance of the Second Amendment,” he said. “Even while the radical left continues to sue me and disparage my name, I know these great leaders have my back.” CONTINUE READING…

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