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Lake: Don’t Be Surprised When Biden Is Replaced – ‘Pretty Obvious if You’re Watching’

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It seems fairly obvious to any one paying attention that the Democratic Party has malicious intentions to replace President Joe Biden with a ringer candidate at the last minute for the 2024 election cycle, according to Arizona Republican firebrand Kari Lake.

On Monday, Kari Lake appeared on Newmax with host Eric Bolling, during which the upcoming White House campaign was a topic of conversation, according to Newsmax.

Bolling was informed by the former gubernatorial candidate, who is currently vying for the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, that the party is “begining to make some plays” to dethrone the frail, elderly Biden.

Furthermore, Lake believes that the Democrats have telegraphed their true candidate, which is Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

“I mean, you’re seeing Gavin Newsom, who has been a complete disaster to the state of California. He’s the reason we have a saying, ‘Don’t California our Arizona.’ And you can apply that to all 49 states outside of California … but yet, the Democrats are trying to lay the groundwork for him to run,” Lake told Bolling.

Without a doubt, Newsom is attempting to present himself as a viable candidate for the national nomination.

At the beginning of this year, he embarked on a nationwide tour where he repeatedly criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with the intention of causing as much harm as possible to the governor and maintaining his own name in the news.

Following this, he assumed the role of the virtuous Democrat and fervently endorsed Joe Biden in order to prevent him from appearing as a “challenger.”

In an effort to appear centrist, he vetoed a few radical, left-wing measures recently from his extremist legislature.

He also traveled to China last week to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing in an attempt to deceive the electorate into believing he is an authority on foreign policy.

Therefore, it is evident that Newsom has ambitions far beyond those of the governor of California.

Lake pointed to that trip to China, too.

“It’s pretty obvious if you’re watching,” she said. “He’s over there in China meeting with the guy who will really be in control of the Democrat Party. And we’re just watching as they’re starting to get their chess pieces on the board.”

“I think they know that Joe Biden is going to be such a disaster, that the Democrat Party will collapse if he is on the ticket,” Lake added.

“I don’t know who it’s going to be ultimately, but my bet is that Gavin Newsom is starting to move in,” Lake theorized. “They realize that not just Joe Biden but [Vice President] Kamala Harris are disastrous, and the voters just will not vote for those two.”

Lake might possibly have a point. Joe Biden has fallen below the worst polling that Donald Trump had in the majority of metrics due to his abysmal polling. It is noteworthy that Biden referred to Trump as the worst president in history while campaigning for the White House in 2020.

It is unsurprising that so many individuals believe the party will abandon Biden prior to the election, given these dismal numbers.

However, not everyone believes that Newsom will replace him. Many believe that in an effort to save the day, the party will urge Michelle Obama to ride in on a white horse.

Particularly with Joe Biden at the helm, the Democrats appear to be doomed to an extremely troubled future. Furthermore, it would be highly logical for them to eliminate both him and Harris.

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