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Lara Trump Releases Shocking New Cover Song – Libs FURIOUS

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This year, the Trump family has experimented with a variety of economic ventures, including Melania Trump’s collection of Christmas ornaments and Donald Trump Jr.’s endorsement of coffee. Now, one of the outspoken Trump family members has released a Tom Petty cover, which is already a hit, but receiving significant backlash from Trump detractors.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, released a rendition of Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down” on September 23.

She promoted the cover on X, formerly known as Twitter, the website.

Listen to it here:

With her recent rendition of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” Lara Trump has joined Tiffany as a Trump family member with a passion for music. As with 99 percent of the Trump family’s recent endeavors, they were surrounded by considerable controversy. A few astute Internet users identified a previous incident involving this song that would cause Lara problems.

A number of individuals on X brought up a previous event involving the Trump and Petty families. During a 2020 rally in Oklahoma, Lara’s father-in-law, former US President Donald Trump, played Tom Petty’s song.

The Petty family then published a post on X that has garnered a great deal of attention, stating that Trump did not receive permission to use the song to promote a campaign that disregards common sense and too many Americans.

“Tom Petty and his family both firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind,” they continued. Tom Petty would never acquiesce to his music being exploited in a hate campaign. His favored activity was bringing people together. Concurrently, we have also served the Trump campaign with a formal cease and desist letter.

Lara performed the song, despite the fact that the family never used it again at rallies.

You may be pondering how she could possibly be in legal jeopardy. Many compositions are covered by numerous artists. It is true that successful songs are frequently covered, but restraining orders are rarely enforced. Although being sued over a cover is uncommon, it is still possible to get into legal trouble because of one.

According to our knowledge, “I Won’t Back Down” is not in the public domain; however, cover compositions typically do not require written permission. According to SheKnows, there is one restriction: although it is relatively easy to cover and sample works, there is a fair use law.

Since the Trump family attempted to associate the song with them, the Petty family has previously filed a lawsuit, leading many to believe they may do so again.

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