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Largest Methodist Church in Michigan Leaves Denomination

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Jesus was an outlaw. He revolted against and conquered the world. In such circumstances, Christian solidarity might be discovered through revolt.

Christians should strive for peace and avoid strife wherever possible. Where is the dividing line?

Consider Cornerstone Church of Caledonia in Michigan, the state’s biggest United Methodist congregation.

According to The Christian Post, it has decided to withdraw from the mainline Protestant denomination. The vote was also not close. The final count was 616 votes against none and two abstentions.

The UMC website highlighted that the separation was amicable. I suppose that was a form of nonviolent revolt.

“This isn’t a renegade spirit that we have,” Cornerstone pastor Ken Nash said. “We want to have a connection [with the UMC] in the future. It just doesn’t have to be as formalized.”

“We realized we can have a gracious exit,” Nash continued. “That allowed us an opportunity for more dialogue around how can we continue to be a bridge between the differences and not be forced into one camp or another.”

The UMC has been discussing the church’s stance on homosexuality for decades, and the two factions are now divided on this issue.

According to WXMI-TV, a representative for the UMC’s Michigan Conference remarked, “Since the formation of The United Methodist Church over 50 years ago, members have engaged in a passionate debate to define church beliefs and relationships with LGBTQ persons in the church.”

“The root of this conflict is how United Methodists interpret the Bible.”

The United Methodist Church is the third biggest Christian denomination in the United States. At times, the discussion around same-sex marriage and the ordination of those in same-sex partnerships has been acrimonious.

According to the Post, progressive leaders in the United Methodist Church have gone into full-fledged rebellion by blessing same-sex weddings and accepting the ordination of active homosexuals after repeatedly failing to modify the official guidelines.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Cornerstone’s move to leave the UMC pales in comparison to the audacity of the progressive rebellion.

Nash was right. No renegades at Cornerstone. Rather, it’s a ploy to not choose a side on the LGBT issue. In making the decision, Cornerstone made no decision at all. CONTINUE READING…

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