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Lauren Boebert Hatches Brilliant Plan To Catch White House Cocaine Culprit

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Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has devised an ingenious plan to identify the individual who brought cocaine into the White House.

Rep. Boebert asserted that there was a simple way to identify the perpetrator after the Secret Service stated that they might never capture the individual who carried drugs into the White House.

“So let me get this straight, the White House is refusing to say whether the cocaine culprit will be arrested? Well, I think we should drug test EVERYONE, including Joe Biden, until we know who smuggled illegal drugs into the White House,” she said on Twitter.

According to MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell, it followed the discovery of illegal substances in a much secure location close to where Vice President Kamala Harris parks her vehicle.

“Breaking news updating the Secret Service investigation into trying to figure out who left a small bag of cocaine at the White House. NBC News has learned bag was found in the West Wing on Sunday. It will now be tested for DNA and fingerprints. The investigation could be completed by Monday,” she said.

“The big change is where this was found but it was found by my observation in a much more secure place with limited access place than that West Wing reception area. It’s still a frequently trafficked place, but it’s down near the Situation Room down below. Normal people, just average people, can’t get in there with entry to northwest gate,” she said before she was joined by White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell.

“Let me bring you up-to-date with the reporting I have. What we have learned is there are two West Wing entrances. You know that, I know that,” she said.

“Now the investigation has progressed and so they’re saying the west executive entrance, which as you noted, is closer to the Situation Room and closer to the facilities for food and so forth, it also next to west executive drive. That’s where, for example, the vice president’s vehicle is parked. CONTINUE READING…

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